Time-based Triggers, "Time is <item>"

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Synology DS920
    • OS: Docker
    • openHAB version: openhab 3.3.0 Release Build


I have a rule (DSL) that is triggered by items like “Time is <item>” descripted here.

Because there are multiple DateTime-items, triggering on a group would be helpful.
Like Time is <Groupname> or Time is Member of <Groupname>.
If this is possible I can check via triggeringItem and a lot of checks are not neccessary.

Does this functionality exist and if so, how must the group be defined?

Thanks for your support

rule "Rolladen hoch"
	Time is dtAutoSMinWE or 
	Time is dtAutoSMaxWE or 
	Time is dtAutoSMinAT or 
	Time is dtAutoSMaxAT or 
	Time is dtAutoPrivateAT or 
	Time is dtAutoPrivateWE or 
	Time is dtAutoSunOnAT or 
	Time is dtAutoSunOnWE or 



This does not exist. For now, you’ll have to list each individually.

Thanks for the info, that’s what I was afraid of. :cry: