Timeout notifications

Hello guys! I point directly to the problem: i use notifications to my mobile phone (via app) when blinds come up or down. The problem is,when i press the button on the blind i receive notification and when i press again the button to stop the descending of the blind i receive another notification. Is it possible to set a timeout for notifications sent to mobile? Let’s say 30 sec of timeout between one single item notification and the other one?

At the moment i’ve got:
Item A
Noification for A
Log A

Item B
Noification for B
Log B


Thanks a lot!

Use Gate Keeper to centralize your notifications and control how fast the alerts are published to your cell phone.

thanks for answer! i’m a little noob and reading rapidly the gatekeeper solution is too much complex for me…:frowning: i’m lost inside it :stuck_out_tongue:

Read it slowly.
Rich explains everything in the “Theory of operation” section of his posts.