To Today [3.2.0;3.4.9)


Note, in the first half of 2023 this rule template will be rewritten to only support JS Scripting.

Force reload

Runs at midnight and moves the date for any tagged DateTime Items that are in the past to today’s date. The rule handles DST. The tag it looks for is a configuration parameter. Any Item with the tag that is not a DateTime Item, those DateTime Items with a NULL or UNDEF state, and any DateTime Item whose state is in the future is ignored.

Language: Nashorn JavaScript ECMAScript 5.1 or JSScripting. In OH 4 the Nashorn add-on must be separately installed or change the script type to application/javascript;version=ECMAScript-2021.


Version 0.2

  • Made compatible with both Nashorn and JSScripting
    NOTE: Will drop Nashorn support sometime after OH 3.2 release.

Version 0.1

  • initial release



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