TODO: Implement Application Update Request Handling of New ID Assigned (64)

I’m assuming the API security switch did not work for you and you still have the issue. You might want to take a look at the following to see if there are any similarities. Z-wave network heal issue on transitioned OH 2.5.10 to 3.0 installation - Add-ons / Bindings - openHAB Community

This was my starting analysis that narrowed it down for me to the controller and the network heal. The full story of what I did was to delete the OH2.5 controller, create a OH3 controller in the new UI with the same ID as the Home_ID. This meant I has to rediscover all 45 nodes and relink 91 items :unamused:. However, that alone was not enough. For some reason the OH3 UI controller creation did not include some of the 2.5 controller properties, specifically the Home_ID, so I used the UI Developer Tool of API “PUT” to add them. About the same time I changed the API security switch mentioned above thinking that was what was holding the properties update back. I had hoped that was an easier solution than the ID mismatch. If your problem is the same (can’t tell from the data you provided) compare the ID of the eight digit controller with the Home_ID of the nodes. I don’t know if these need to be the same, but that and the security switch worked for me to clear the WARN TODO.

Based on the activity of this thread and nothing on mine, I’d say this is not a common problem, but as more novices transition to OH3 over the next year, I thought I would document it here.

I did run a Debug 'Heal" with the above changes and the one message that no longer appears is (dest=1 is the controller and callback=64 is what is in the warn message)

> Incoming Message: Message: class=ApplicationUpdate[73], type=Request[0], dest=1, callback=64, payload=40 01 10 02 02 01 5E 86 72 73 80 71 85 59 84 30 70 EF 20