Z-wave network heal issue on transitioned OH 2.5.10 to 3.0 installation

I updated an existing OH 2.5.10 installation on a Rpi3 to OH3 (originally M5, but now 3.0 release) using openhabian in mid-December. Regarding the z-wave binding, everything has worked until I recently activated a network heal. I normally have this feature “disabled” unless I add a new device as my 45 node network is responsive and well meshed. Note for clarity: if I change the network heal back to “disable” and stop/start Z-wave binding or OH3.0 I’m back to an error free and responsive network, but I would like to get this issue resolved.

I have collected z-wave Debug logs of the start of network heal and the problems relate to the controller/bridge identity. What I’m thinking is the network heal exposes an issue in my 2.5 to 3.0 transition. Specifically I did not manually add the controller in the OH3.0 UI as all seemed fine with the “heal” disabled. When I now go to the OH 3.0 z-wave inbox, I see a manually added controller item, which confuses me because I already have a controller. Also I noted the OH3.0 HomeID is 10 characters long and my controller has 8. My other concern is that all my nodes have the 8 character ID of the controller, so I don’t want to do a lot of rework. The other oddity is my Z-wave node XML files have a different 8 character Home ID than the “thing”. I was under the impression these needed to be the same, so maybe that’s the problem. I’m looking for guidance on how to fix with a minimum of rework on the other nodes.

Some messages extracted for the Debug logs that point to the Controller;

No bridgeUID found in getConfigDescription thing:zwave:serial_zstick:f55aa6d7

zwave:serial_zstick:f55aa6d7 (Type=Bridge, Status=ONLINE, Label=Z-Wave Serial Controller, Bridge=null)

15:08:31.654 1 [**RX** **REQ** **RequestNodeNeighborUpdate** Neighbor update FAILED **0 /128**](https://opensmarthouse.org/utilities/logviewer/zwave/#info-112)
15:08:56.572 1 [**RX** **REQ** **RequestNodeNeighborUpdate** Neighbor update FAILED **0 /128**](https://opensmarthouse.org/utilities/logviewer/zwave/#info-116)
Incoming Message: Message: class=ApplicationUpdate[73], type=Request[0], dest=1, callback=64, payload=40 01 10 02 02 01 5E 86 72 73 80 71 85 59 84 30 70 EF 20
[WARN ] [essage.ApplicationUpdateMessageClass] - TODO: Implement Application Update Request Handling of New ID Assigned (64).

Screenshot 2021-01-09 102423
Note ID difference, not f55aa6d7

Have you solved you issue?
If so, how?

I have connection problems as well (battery devices not updating after a while (close to the heal time) and I can find an additional controller when looking for zwave devices.

Thank you in advance.

So this was very early on. The manual added controller item in the inbox is the default. I learned not to do that if you already have a controller. I ended up rebuilding the network by deleting the controller and adding a new one with the same ID as the the 2.5 version. I also did use the API to PUT the controller properties back to the device. From your note, it does not sound like the same problem. Everything worked for me except the node 1 heal

Thank you for your quick response.
I added the second controller test wise, but it was not able to go online (even after disabling the first one).
Anyway, I will consider to really start from scratch and reset my controller and re-discover all nodes.