Trigger from HABPanel to Tasker


Givs a solution to trigger a Profile in Tasker from HABPanel?

I will push a Button Audiobook with start a scene (rule) in OpenHab. This start a speaker and other needed things.
Now I will open a Player App on my Tablet where I push the Button in HABPanel, and when it works force to connect a Blutooth connection. I think Tasker is ok for this, but I don’t know how I can trigger from HABPanel


Habpanel is a user interface, so this technically isn’t a Habpanel question. If you set up an item and a rule, you’ll be able to use it from any UI you want. The real question is how to send commands from OH to Tasker.

You’ll need a go-between service that Tasker can monitor. I use the sendNotification command via myopenhab to trigger notifications on my phone, which are displayed by the Android app. Tasker then picks up those notifications and acts on them.

  1. Item changes to ON
  2. Rule is triggered and sends a notification to myopenhab
  3. Notification displays on Android app
  4. Tasker sees the notification, acts on it, and deletes the notification.

There are a couple of things to note:

  • myopenhab sends notifications to every device that’s registered ( So if you only want the notification to appear on one device, you should remove any other devices (you’ll still be able to use them to control openHAB).
  • I use the Tasker plugin “Notification Listener” to delete notifications after Tasker has seen them. Tasker’s native notification actions can’t do that.

I set this up awhile ago (actually, before I started using OH), so I’ve just stuck with it since it works. However, the Android app now has a plug-in that enables you to monitor item states and send commands to OH. I’ve only played around with sending commands, so I can’t say how well monitoring works. That’s certainly more direct though, so hopefully someone else who’s tried it can provide some advice.

Either way, the downside in your specific case is that the tablet has to reach out to your OH server so that it can relay a command back to your tablet (assuming you want this all to happen on one device. If you just want to force a Bluetooth connection when you start HabPanel, you could have Tasker do that whenever you open a specific app that you use to display HabPanel.

So is that the OpanHAB andriod app Russ?

@rpwong: Thank you
@Andrew_Rowe: Which app you mean?

You mean the openHAB Android app? Auto-correct let you down there, buddy. :wink:

Yeah, that is what I meant. Thanks for (kinda) clarifying!

Looks like you can only send commands to OH with the Tasker plug-in, and that’s not going to change. Some alternatives are suggested in these threads.