Tuya local control for OH3?

Tuya is working directly with the developers of home assistant to provide a new integration (currently in beta) that will provide local control of tuya items in HA.
Is it possible to port this over or to make a HA server for my tuya devices and then link OH3 to them? I really want to keep using openHAB as I like it but having cheap, reliable, local items from tuya seems like a great thing. Especially since they won’t need tuya cloud at all once the integration is done. And yes I know there is tuya-convert but it won’t work on everything or for everyone.

No answer, but there is already a post for this topic.

You can always use MQTT to do this.

How would that work? HA would need an integration to broadcast mqtt? I’m a complete newb with mqtt as my setup is mostly zwave with a little zigbee. Also don’t really know HA as openHAB looked better to me (easier to use) back when I set up 3 years ago.

I’ve no idea how to do it, since I’ve never used Home Assistant. MQTT sets up a separate broker to pass commands between different devices, but it can be tricky to wrap your head around. You mentioned tuya-convert, so I guessed that you had experience with it. If you don’t, I probably wouldn’t suggest taking this on as your first attempt.

I have tried tuya-convert before but it didn’t work ( some new items are not compatible) and now my new laptop won’t work with the script (wifi ap never shows up).

I recently was given a tuya light strip (which my son loves) and couldn’t get it converted. I just added it to my Google account so it shows up in the Google home app (what my dashboards use) but would like to be able to connect it to OH but it’s not a huge deal if I can’t as I’m not automating it in any way and it has a remote. So it can be controlled without voice\app.

I’m mostly just wanting to tinker. Not a coder or I would tinker with that end.

When a company has a big ‘change of heart’ in their business model and allows local control it is usually because they feel the competition is increasing and they are trying to keep the market share.
It will be interesting to see what happens when Connected Home Over IP devices start hitting the market this year… I just saw they have now changed the name to Matter

Matter (standard) - Wikipedia

Hopefully the more products that get released the prices for things drop, however the move towards IP products may well increase the data that leaks out of your home. Zigbee and Zwave keeps it all local, not just the control but also the data cant be sent back to a server so they can make $$ off selling the data. Give it another 12 months to see where this is all heading, but why make zigbee devices when you can make Matter devices and get them to phone home the data.

Tuya-convert is now basically at a standstill since they have moved many devices onto the new protocol which means they can’t be flashed. Of my recent purchases 8/8 have failed to convert.

I have my Tuya devices working well using Tuya-mqtt. Link

The most complex part is obtaining your keys… but the docs cover it quite well.

To acquire keys for your device please see the instructions at the TuyAPI project (on which this script is based) available at the TuyAPI GitHub site.

I do think that this could be quite an issue of OH moving forward, as the Tuya ecosystem is quite significant.

Disagree, its only a matter of time before someone will code it if the ecosystem has value in it. The more devices that are at a good price the higher the chance someone will create a binding, but it would be great if users started asking Tuya if they plan to add openHAB support. The more people that ask the more they see there is a demand and may do it, so dont relax and only let 1 person do the contacting, it needs to be as many people as possible. I have opted to go with Zigbee devices and have some Tuya devices which I purchased in bulk at then flashed Tasmota on them right away as the shop could not sell the stock and heavily discounted them.

Ok - any idea how to access a tuya light that is available in Home Assistant? I spun up a docker and got the light in HA and have an MQTT broker set up and both HA and openHAB are connected to it but I’m stuck at that point.

Suggest you start your own new thread on how to run both platforms together at the same time. There are a few people that do this and perhaps this post helps?

Using the MQTT Event Bus for driving another OpenHAB or Home Assistant - Tutorials & Examples / Solutions - openHAB Community

Anyway from what I have seen written over on the HA forum the old local tuya control method will be killed in a month or twos time. If you get it working, it probably will be killed and stopped just as you have it done.

You can read about it here in Paulus’ replies but you have to read the multiple replies to gain the bigger picture and not just 1 reply…

Revert back to the old way of handling Tuya please - Feature Requests - Home Assistant Community (home-assistant.io)

The newer method is still undergoing development and growing pains from what I last saw. If you are using the newer method, how do you find it? It does not look like it will work without the cloud as it was first touted as being able to do.