Unable to control the LIDL SmartHome RGBW light bulb


I have bought a RGBW zigbee lightbulb from LIDL (IAN 379909_2101) and with openHab 3.2 I encountered the issues mentioned in this thread.

Now that I upgraded to openHAB 3.3, I tried again but I’m still stuck on this one.
Just to be sure, I deleted the thing and rediscovered it, gave it a new name and I now have a thing with two channels:

If I create an equipment from that thing linking the two channels, I get two elements beneath it, one for the Color temperature (a dimmer) and one for the Color (a simple point):

As you can see, the second one has no available controls whatsoever. I can get them back by sending the following commands on the ssh console:

openhab:send AmpouleRGBW_Color "0,0,0"

But as soon as I use the Color temperature dimmer, they disappear again.

What I have a hard time figuring out is how to achieve what @Ferg managed to do as illustrated here:

I must have missed something here, but adding a dimmer to the color channel is not something I know how to do out of the box. I tried to add one, but it did not help with the disappearing controls, nor with getting the above mentioned controls with two sliders a color area and an on/off button.

Could anyone provide a “noob” with detailed explanations?


That’s normal behavior, of a cookie item has a null state, that no controls are visible within the items page.

You should be able to setup a page and add a color picker to control your item