Updgrade 2.4 to 2.5 on Windows 10 machine

Hello to all,
I am looking information about how to do an upgrade from a OpenHAB 2.4 to 2.5 on Windows 10. I have seen a lot on Linux and openhabian, but not with Windows.

Anybody can give me some information?

Thanks in advance.

Well, I answer for me… not looking for enough:

I have to try… thanks.

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It is interesting Windows is not even mentioned in the Release Notes.

@Kai is that just an oversight or is Windows not an officially supported platform?

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No, it’s a supported plattform. But update process is different.

There a several ways to achieve this:

Run PowerShell as an administrator

cd C:\openHAB2

. .\runtime\bin\update.ps1 Update-openHAB -OHVersion 2.5.0



Start commandline (as administrator)

cd C:\openHAB2\runtime\bin\

update.bat 2.5.0



Do it manually (not recommended):

  1. Stop the openHAB process if it is currently running.
  2. Backup openHAB as described above.
  3. Delete the following files and folders from your existing install:
  • userdata\etc\all.policy
  • userdata\etc\branding.properties
  • userdata\etc\branding-ssh.properties
  • userdata\etc\config.properties
  • userdata\etc\custom.properties
  • userdata\etc\custom.system.properties
  • userdata\etc\distribution.info
  • userdata\etc\jre.properties
  • userdata\etc\org.openhab.addons.cfg
  • userdata\etc\org.ops4j.pax.url.mvn.cfg
  • userdata\etc\overrides.properties
  • userdata\etc\profile.cfg
  • userdata\etc\startup.properties
  • userdata\etc\system.properties
  • userdata\etc\version.properties
  • Any file in userdata\etc that starts with org.apache.karaf
  • The userdata\cache folder
  • The userdata\tmp folder
  • The runtime folder
  1. Copy and paste the contents of the zip file over your existing install, when prompted do not overwrite existing files

but not listed in the Release Notes with other OS platforms.

But it’s there to download.


I’ve updated my “test system” (a Snapshot #1763 System)
today to 2.5.0 Release with: (command prompt, as administrator)

cd C:\openHAB2\runtime\bin\

update.bat 2.5.0

There will appear a message “Current version is equal to specified version (2.5.0) If you continue, you will REINSTALL 2.5.0 rather than upgrade. Okay to Continue? [y/N]:” --> Y


Is the Chocolatey version still being maintained?

Don‘t know, but there was a new Windows installer under development.
Not shure what happened to that one. We need to check the distro repo.

It’s discribed on the openhab download page, but there is no direct link to it.

But only for a new installation, not how to update.

EDIT: On the Chocolatey site there are instructions how to upgrade, but the package is outdated:


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It doesn’t look like it. Our docs should be updated to remove it.

from https://chocolatey.org/packages/openhab

Or someone could volunteer to maintain it. :wink: It’s a really nice way to install and manage software on Windows.

It is not officially supported. Are you volunteering? :roll_eyes:

Actually I would but I don’t have a Windows machine I could work on to build it.

Even better, finish the installer i referred to. Seems just a few steps were left, but got somehow forgotten before the release of 2.5

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I wrote the windows installer and have been waiting on @Kai to bring it into the openhab fold (not like he hasn’t had a bazillion more important things). I was planning on a PR to update all the windows doc to not only reference the installer but also to show the correct ways of updating (as mentioned above - there is an update script and update batch file that can be used - in fact, a few days ago I submitted a fix to an NPE that occurs if you update while openhab wasn’t running).

The update script works fairly well for me - but hasn’t been robustly tested as far as I know. Supports everything that the update.sh does plus some stuff it doesn’t.

As for the windows installer - I updated it monday to support 2.5 stable. The windows installer can create an openHAB service (a much nicer one than the karaf one since it doesn’t require any changes nor does it use the awful karaf service) and has the options to create backup/update schedules as part of it.

Like I said - was kinda waiting until the installer/service is brought into openHAB namespace before updating the doc…

note: side note - the installer builds using azure devops. There is a simple text file that needs to be updated with each version - as soon as you commit a change, devops runs and creates the installer on the release page for you. Really was very nice…

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Likely if it is not a GitHub Issue or PR, it does not exist.

That would need to need to be incorporated into the Jenkins ci processes, I assume.

See my earlier post with the linked github issue …

Can’t be since it has to build a windows executable using a windows utility (that needs to be executed in a windows environment) to build it. From my understanding from @Kai - that’s not possible with current jenkins process - feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Note: not sure what the issue would be in not using jenkins btw…

Jenkins is what automatically builds and deploys the new software releases. Adding manual steps can introduce delays and errors.

Yep - understood but the issue is that it can’t run windows processes right? That was the big issue - this can’t be integrated into the existing process because of that. Note: when I was writing this - was hoping there was some file somewhere that simply listed all the current versions available. That would have been ideal because the installer would never had needed changing then and you could integrate that into the update scripts (to allow a user to select what version to upgrade [and potentially downgrade] to).