Weather Step by Step instructions needed

  • Platform information: Win 10 and openHAB2
    Hardware Server i5 16Gb (hyperX) ram 256gb SD + 2 x 3TB HDD

Hi everyone is a real novice when it comes to this thing
Trying to get weather data from openweather already has API etc. but manages to get it on paperUI under “control” but not on my HAB panel…

Need Step by Step instructions

Like 1, 2. 3 and so on

Very grateful for all the help I can get

There is a community widget for openweather:

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Thank you for fast replay one thing I do not understand in the instructions.

" Add the items to an items file"

like I wrote Im real beginner.

Thanks for the help

Have you taken a look at the documentation? It was a huge help to me when I was getting started with OH.

Yes cant understand, I have done like on the web page, I got results on Paper UI under “control” data icons all OK
on HAB panel nothing ???

I find on one page .things and .Items this also need to config ?

I think when I study and with some help from this pages I learn to use this to:)

You already have Things and Items, if you are seeing stuff in PaperUI control tab.

There is more than one way to create Things and Items in openHAB, which way was used does not matter to the Things and Items.

If you do not know you already have Items, you are probably using openHAB in Simple mode, where they get auto created.
That sounds helpful but becomes a nuisance when you want to edit things for yourself.
Simple mode hides Items from you in PaperUI.

If you want stuff to show up on HABpanel, you need to do a lot of custom configuring and know the names of the Items you want to show.

Thank you for the help I have PaperUI in simple mode have to test your suggestions.

Thank you very much

Now I have removed simple mode and still cant get the weather on the panel.

what I missing did it all from the beginning and still same result ???
also want if possible step by step about this item and codes where to put them so im 100% on the right file and editing right text…,.

For me this

You might have to say what you did about configuring HABpanel. It is quite complex.

Uninstalled everything and started again, also removed simple mode with the same result on paperUI everything is ok but on habpanel a gray blue box (empty) installed weather underground and now I got a lot of programming eg but no weather data or icons like ex.Sprintf:item ('weather… and so on…

the text is also too large does not fit into the box wondering how to get a simple view so complicated apparently you have to be a data engineer. :smile:
have been working with computers since 83 but never sat and wrote codes except at the beginning with DOS but just trying is grateful that there are wiser people to turn to. :smile:

Yes HABpanel is complicated and not suited for beginners.

You know there are simpler ways to get started. BasicUI using a sitemap? But no fancy graphics.

maybe I’m starting with that first