Weather Underground widget with forecast

Weather Underground isn’t free anymore. Is there a way to switch to another provider?

The link to download the widget is in the first post of the thread.

I’m looking for the one of Corban987

I’ve found it on GitHub:
But it also uses Weather Underground which isn’t free anymore.

I added the WU binding and link to existing weather-items, but the widget in HABPanel is still empty. Do you have any recommendation, how you have managed it?

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All, I’m willing to rewrite the widget to fit to another weather binding. Which binding do you all prefer? Which one is currently most used?

I’d vote for OpenWeatherMap

I’d really like to get this widget working but am struggling. I’ve got the latest version of OH2 on an Openhabian RPi 3 B+. I installed the WU binding via PaperUI and it’s working fine. I have a Local Weather thing.

I installed the widget via HabPanel and created the .items file. The widget seems to be working fine… accept there are no icons/images!

My Openhabian RPi has the following folder structure: /openHAB2-config/html so I copied the weather-underground-icons-master folder into the html folder and set the serverpath to /openHAB-conf/html/weather-underground-icons-master/dist. I copied the three png files into /openHAB-conf/html/weather-underground-icons-master/dist/images’.

I cleared the cache/temp files and rebooted OH2. But don’t have any WU icons or png images.

Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve created a new weather widget based on this one but working with the OpenWeatherMap binding. You can use a free API key with this one: OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel

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I had this widget working once but when I tried to set it up again after a clean OpenHAB2 install, I can no longer get it working. This is what I’m seeing:

I have the WeatherUnderground installed and configured correctly and am receiving weather data:

I’ve followed the widget set up instructions exactly a number of times on clean OpenHAB 2.4.0 installs but I’m not getting anywhere. I tried most of the recommended tweaks and fixes in this thread to no avail. What could I be missing?

Should the localization settings be populated? Mine don’t seem to be but I don’t recall having to touch them when the widget did work:


Just for fun I tried it again. Same result. This time I put the *.items file in first. In the instructions, when you say

Add and configure these items:

Do you mean add them to an *.items file and put that file in conf/items or did you mean something else?

Oh! I just noticed that if I edit Local Weather and click on one of the channels it says “Channel unlinked.” When I click on it again to link it, it says “ERROR: 404 - not found” and the log shows:

[temChannelLinkRemovedEvent] - Link 'weatherunderground_weather_local_current_conditions => weatherunderground:weather:local:current#conditions' has been removed.

is there a solution for this problem?

I got this problem too, but only on Android ios, on windows it looks good.

Hi guys,

I’m trying to configure the WU binding, but got stuck at API key registration. Based on the website, it requires a physical device registered to be able to get an API key. Do you know about any other way of getting an API key for WU?



I don’t think that WeatherUnderground API works like it was working few months ago. I’ve had an API key, but the binding stopped working few months back. I think there is another weather binding in OH that you could use instead.

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Weather Underground Stopped providing API keys some times ago…there are numerous posts about this all over the forum as well as listed on the Weather Underground site. The only way to receive the data from WU is to set up your own personal weather station that reports it’s data back to WU - they in turn will share data with you.

I would look at the DARKSKY binding…it’s provides great data.

Squid :squid:

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Finally I’ve decided to use OpenWeatherMap. It’s good for now, maybe I’ll try DARKSKY later. Thanks for the posts!


Thank you very much for that hint! I was not aware of this great binding! Cool :wink:

Dark sky has been taken over by apple and will stop their api service by the end of 2021
blog darksky

Yes, I already read the news. It is sad that all cloud based services can switch off all functionality for you as soon as they like to do it. I will go back to local measurement of weather data.

For forecasting you may use WXSim - c, but AFAiK it’s not free.

Anyway, this is yet another good reason to invest in Weatherflow solutions

Also, their stations works very good currently with Wunderground.

BTW, does anybody have working widget to share, regarding the topic?

This is a one time investment.