Weather Underground widget with forecast

@fmrenan you can try forcing the language to Portuguese in Paper UI > Configuration > System > Regional Settings - be sure to save afterwards, a Save button appears when you change something.

Recent versions of HABPanel honor this setting in priority when it’s set to set the locale (and in your case if you have a version from January 25th or later, it will even be translated); otherwise it will follow the browser’s settings (for instance the first language in the list at chrome://settings/languages in Chrome).

great! thank you )

Thank you for the reply.
My Paper UI regional settings is configured to my local and language, as the Weather Underground thing is set to Portuguese too. I rebooted my OH so many times and cleared the browser cache, it’s doesn’t worked to me.
But I find a solution right here:

If someone have this trouble, input this code to the beginning of your widget:

<div ng-init="daysnames={'Sunday': 'Domingo', 'Monday': 'Segunda', 'Tuesday': 'Terça', 'Wednesday': 'Quarta', 'Thursday': 'Quinta', 'Friday': 'Sexta', 'Saturday': 'Sábado'}">

And change your “day” tag to this:

<h4 class="day">{{daysnames[(itemValue('Weather_Forecast_Time0') | date:'EEEE')]}}</h4>

The result is:

@fmrenan Not sure then. Works here (it’s the sunrise time, not an item from the wunderground binding, but all DateTime items should work the same):


Can you check in the developer tools and reload the page, you should see this:


My openHab version is 2.2, running on Windows. My habPanel does not change the language as in your image. How can I see the “Setting Locale” in the developer tools?

My openHab version is 2.2, running on Windows.

Ok, it is too old then :wink:
Setting the locale didn’t make the 2.2 release.

Amazing! Thx alot.

@bastiaan And thx for this widget btw.

I’m lost on how to get the IconSet icons to appear. I have this widget working fully and the ServerPath images load just not the IconSet images. They are in my dist folder under icons>white>svg

Not sure what the hell I’m doing wrong here.

Are you sure you have the correct version of the binding? Please look at the first post and see the minimum required build number. The icon key only became available recently.


I tried to do the same as you but is not working. I’m running on Raspberry Pi, with OH2 #1212. All the other data are showing correctly.image

There’s something wrong with your path configration as your images and icons do not show. Read the instructions in the first post.

@Corban987 Nice layout. Can you share your widget version?

I have the main one working as well. Thanks for all the tips in this thread.

@James_Hiscott I posted mine here

you were right, the path was not correct. The folder I downloaded with the icons had a differente name. It is working perfectly now. Thanks a lot!


Where do you get the .css files from?


Those are included with the weather icons download…

Got it - thanks :slight_smile:

Was looking under css…

So I’m trying to set this up the “old” way I think, using the things file instead of doing it through the paperUI.

The below is taken from the openHAB documentation, but I’m kinda struggling with the Thing weatherunderground:weather:CDG which I can see is also set under Location - my guess is that it refers to Charles De Gaulle. Now, currently I’m not living there and I want to change it to lets say Aarhus in Denmark. Whats should I then use? I can’t find a “shortname” for that at the weatherunderground webpage

Thing weatherunderground:weather:CDG "Météo Paris CDG" [ apikey="XXXXXXXXXXXX", location="CDG", language="FR", refresh=15 ] {
        Type temperature : current#temperature [ SourceUnit="C" ]
        Type windSpeed : current#windSpeed [ SourceUnit="kmh" ]
        Type windGust : current#windGust [ SourceUnit="kmh" ]
        Type pressure : current#pressure [ SourceUnit="hPa" ]
        Type dewPoint : current#dewPoint [ SourceUnit="C" ]
        Type heatIndex : current#heatIndex [ SourceUnit="C" ]
        Type windChill : current#windChill [ SourceUnit="C" ]
        Type feelingTemperature : current#feelingTemperature [ SourceUnit="C" ]
        Type visibility : current#visibility [ SourceUnit="km" ]
        Type rainDay : current#precipitationDay [ SourceUnit="mm" ]
        Type rainHour : current#precipitationHour [ SourceUnit="mm" ]
        Type minTemperature : forecastToday#minTemperature [ SourceUnit="C" ]
        Type maxTemperature : forecastToday#maxTemperature [ SourceUnit="C" ]
        Type rainDay : forecastToday#precipitationDay [ SourceUnit="mm" ]
        Type snow : forecastToday#snow [ SourceUnit="cm" ]
        Type maxWindSpeed : forecastToday#maxWindSpeed [ SourceUnit="kmh" ]
        Type averageWindSpeed : forecastToday#averageWindSpeed [ SourceUnit="kmh" ]

Also, is the above enough for my things file in order to achieve the same setup if I was going the paperUI way?

Can someone please direct me in the right direction here?

If anyone is interested, I modified the original widget to show all 10 days of forecast, which should be fully scrollable. Modified Widget

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Hi all,

I’m having problems adding my city to this. Currently I’m using the default one from the documentation CDG.

For a start I’m only using the binding, and the things + items file. Then i create a few Text items in my sitemap to see the values.The only thing is, after I change some of the values in my things file, it starts to throw some errors (sorry I forgot to write them down, but as far as I remember is was Handler something) and the thing no longer appears in my paperui.

So I uninstalled the binding and removed the things file and items file.
Reinstalled it and I’m back to CDG as my location. How do I insert my location so it will work?

I’m running the snapsot 2.3 build 1219.