“works with openHAB” initiative

That’s all I wanted to avoid with my post above. If emails are going out, one probably should not go to Node Red, at least for now.

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I’ve fetched logos and SVG, I’ll place them in bottom of connectorio website with link to openhab.org. I can also place them in documentation site which I linked earlier. It could look like this:

I’ve added 20px margin around logo to separate it visually. Since there is no information how to place logo I am open for opinions how to apply it.


I’ve placed the artwork on our website. What come to my mind after that is that visitor on our website might have no chances to learn what the program is about. We obviously can (and will) describe it, however we link artwork to openhab website. The letter Nelson presented and its contents might remain internal to vendor and openHAB foundation / community. This means that visitor likely might not be familiar with OH and even more likely will know nothing about the program. Maybe, instead of linking openHAB home page, we could link dedicated webpage such as openhab.org/works-with or openhab.org/with?
Separate page could brief visitor into initiative/program and display further links so someone brought to page by “works with” artwork will have a chance to understand what it is about, and only then dive more into further contents of openHAB.

That’s just an suggestion.


Hi, @splatch.

Thanks for your comments. My personal opinion is that visitors would/should be more interested in knowing what openHAB is than knowing what the “works with openHAB” program is.

My reason to believe that is that I don’t think most people who see the “works with HomeKit” (for example) badge anywhere go to find out what the “works with HomeKit” program is. They might wonder what HomeKit is, how it connects to the tool/solution they are visiting, and if they can use it.

In that order of thoughts, it would be more efficient from a marketing perspective to have specific landing pages per partner, but that requires a lot more effort. Maybe at some point we could create a more graphical page explaining how integrations (bindings) in general work.

By the way, congratulations! You are officially the first partner to include the “works with openHAB” badge :clap:t2::partying_face:
Thanks for your support!


I am happy to take first stab in this case. I am looking forward to more participants, also hard wired. Maybe Velbus can be next. Whad do you think @MDAR?

I’m working on it…

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