Worx Landroid Binding

Sure, install ioBroker, it is just a curl one liner (pretty impressive),

install the MQTT client adapter (=Binding in openHAB), point it to your MQTT broker.

install the Worx adapter

configure a MQTT instance =(Thing in openHAB), configure a Worx instance, all datapoints (=Channels in openHAB) will be available right away.

Go to each Worx datapoint you intend to use and click the gear sign on the far right, activate MQTT for that datapoint and activate subscription and or publishing.

Create a generic MQTT Thing in openHAB and add channels for each ioBroker datapoint you intend to use.

That’s it.

I have no idea as I used a separate lxc container on my Proxmox installation. I would suggest to use not the openHAB server as this is hopefully only a workaround until the binding gets fixed in openHAB.

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Thank you so much for your explanation!
I am still not sure, whether I really want to install ioBroker in parallel to OpenHAB on the same Raspberry. If there is no sustainable solution with the Binding itself until March next year, I could give it a try - let’s wait and see… :wink:

Any update @nibi79? I think a fix of the openhab binding itself would be highly appreciated from many people!

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hi all,

please take a look at my post here:

and if possible, you can test this new version:

Currently, it looks like OH versions >= 3.3.0 are supported.

As always, your feedback is appreciated


Great! Seems to work, the bridge is online again! I did not yet start the mower due to snow, but all values are already successfully received from the mower and shown in the sitemap!
Thank you so much for your efforts, nibi79! :wink::+1:

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Today I upgraded OH to 3.4.2 and installed the binding.
It seems to be loaded, openhab-cli shows it’s active:

290 │ Active │  80 │ 3.4.1                  │ openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: worxlandroid Binding

But the items can’t find the reference to the channel. It’s always unknown / invalid link.

My things definition:

Bridge worxlandroid:worxlandroidBridge:MyWorxBridge "MyWorx Bridge" [ webapiUsername="aa@aa.com", webapiPassword="aaa" ] {
    Thing mower xyz "MyLandroid Shaun" [ refreshStatusInterval=3600, pollingInterval=3600 ]

My items:

Number LandroidBatteryLevel       "Battery Level [%d %%]"  <battery>  (persistGroup, MowerBat, MowerBatStatus_Chart)    {channel="worxlandroid:mower:MyWorxBridge:xyz:datBattery#batteryLevel"}

The webgui of OH tells me the Bridge & Thing are online. But when I look into the mower thing, there are no channels detected.

I had this running on OH 3.1 before without any issues. I didn’t change the config files…
Any help appreciated!

Maximum for pollingIntervall is 599.
It is way better to use autodetected Things, you would have seen the max right away:


Thanks a lot for the quick reply.
That indeed helped.

About autodetection: I have all things defined in a config file. I would expect some error message when the thing file is loaded. Because I didn’t change the file migrating from OH 3.1 to OH3.4.2 and using the new binding.

may i ask where i could find this widget you’re using here?[quote=“cypresss, post:231, topic:95246, full:true”]
That’s strange…


It is a desktop application from the German Worx forum, but that deskapp is broken at the moment:

Ahh ok :slight_smile: and i thought it would be a openhab 3 widget. :smile: