Worx Landroid Binding

Dear all,

I use the new binding but I am not sure if I use the correct config. What values have proved to work well?
I send party mode to prevent mowing when raining (as landroid detects it not when parked in the garage) and try to understand about delay of sending such command on top.

Thanks and best

Hello! What is the web-API-User? My email address? Thanks for Help! Because I never got a connection but I always get an error-message “no connection” (see screenshot).

openHAB 3.3.0
Landroid worx: 3.28.0+1
Binding-Version: v3.0 Latest

Greetings Thomas


it is the email you signed up with at your worx landroid account.

I had it up and running but it almost seems like I got blocked. I have raised an issue about that here: AWS MQTT Exception: The connection was closed unexpectedly · Issue #82 · nibi79/worxlandroid · GitHub
Maybe it was my configuration that polled or refreshed too often. Now I’m waiting to see if it starts working again in the next days…

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Since Worx changed their api that binding version does not work anymore.
You need to use the 3.41-beta version:

Please note the additional config parameter for the Thing!

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Make sure you are using the latest binding version 3.41-beta, see link above.

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Hi! Thanks alot for the fast and good replys! I will do it in that way! Gr. Thomas

Thanks, I read in the docs that if the thing configurations (refresh, poll, reconnect) are zero then the old procedure is used.
Maybe that was the problem, because I have used the new binding version right from the start…

To follow up on this there seem to be parameters that work and ones that result in a ban. I created a pr for the docs: Update README.md with recommended polling/refresh values by BobMiles · Pull Request #86 · nibi79/worxlandroid · GitHub

I just bought a Landroid Worx. If I volunteer to move it to OH4 (and maybe have it merged in openhab/addons) would you be interested ?




Also having the issue, that reseting the blade time in the app doesnt reset the current blade time in openhab. Any fix on this?


Well, thanks.

So there the binding doesnt synchronize the current blade working time with the app? This means i have to reset the blade working time in the app and oh, right?

That is the way I do it😛

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Is OH 4.0 currently not supported?
I installed the binding 3.4x (latest from github) and my system crashes instantly once i created the thing (it goes online). then OH restarts and crashes again.

If it should be working i am happy to create a github issue. I couldnt find the info if oh 4 is currently supported or not.

Take a look a couple of posts above yours


Hi all,
I use the 3.4.1 binding and following the recommended settings for timeout. Nevertheless, binding is often offline and commands are not sent / considered (e.g. my accurate rain sensor activates party mode to prevent the mower to start mowing when it has just rained)

Bridge worxlandroid:worxlandroidBridge:xxx"Worx Landroid Bridge" [ webapiUsername="xyz", webapiPassword="xyz" ] {
    Thing mower yyy" Landroid Rasenmäher" [  refreshStatusInterval=1200, pollingInterval=3600, reconnectInterval=0] 

Anything known / to be considered on top?

I am using this too and made a fatal error a couple of months ago:

I was using received update as rule trigger on my rain sensor and in the same context sent “party mode” to the mower. That lead to too many updates to the Worx cloud and my account was blocked for 24 hours.
I changed the rule and only send an update to the cloud when rain starts and stops. Since then, no blocking anymore.
So if your are experiencing the

make sure your account is not blocked. You can find out through the debug mode of the binding or your smartphone app (if the account is blocked the app does not work, too).

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THank you for the idea / hints.
I activated mail notification when exactly the binding /thing) goes offline and realized this is exactly a few minutes after my daily internet reconnect.

WHat can I do to get the thing automatically “repaired” if internet connection is temporary lost. I consider, this might happen to others once a while as well.

Thanks and best

I am pretty sure if you set the reconnectInterval to for example 300 (that is what I am using), the problem should be gone.
If not, you still can automatically restart the binding through cron or disable/reenable the Worx Thing through a rule.

Looks like this fixed it!