Xiaomi and Unifi/Ubiquitti

Does anyone use the Ubiquitti / Unifi as a router and have openhab? I am having some issues with the Xiaomi binding and just wondering if there is a port issue and you have to open anything up - I am guessing you dont, but would really appreciate some help.
Scott :slight_smile:

I think it’s best if you describe your issue. Not sure why you’re asking to open any ports. Is your Xiaomi gateway located in a different network than openhab? If not, disable any firewall between the two and you have your answer.

No, same network, I’m just trying to diagnose what the issue could be and not having any luck. The gateway is working fine with the Mi Home app, and the sensors update the app, but theyve stopped updating on openhab even though they show as online. I can’t really understand what else it could be, but I did change the Unifi around the time is stopped working.

What parts do and what part do not work?

Do you see the gateway as thing available?

I have both Unifi (USG 3) router, Unifi AP´s and cloud key controller, as well as Xiaomi gateway.
I have not closed any ports, yet. But I have had this idea from start. I just havn´t got to that part yet :-:smirk:

I guess it´s due to this problem.

Yeah, same one - I just didnt know if it was router based rather than binding so thought I’d check if anyone else uses Unifi - as you do, it obviously isnt that… :frowning:

That may give you the specific issue, sorry for double posting, was just hoping maybe it was a simple router issue instead

Both your Xiaomi gateway and your router (Unifi Controller) would communicate via Local LAN. Unless you have a special setup, or seperate LAN´s, there would be no port closed in between.

Did you check the Xiaomi gateway Things, as mentioned in the other thread?

Yeah I’ve already done that