Xiaomi Aqara Temperature and Humidity Sensor sensor not sending information

Well I sit closer to the gateway with the humanity sensor than the window sensor.

I also tried to remove and reset the humanity sensor, nothing helps.

Maybe the firmware in the device needs updating or it’s too new and the binding does not have this info?

I didn’t update them, because I read that it blocks the zigbee communication in Europe. Or does it that when I use the Xiaomi Gateway, which I’m not using?

I’m in US and haven’t a clue,:neutral_face: hopefully someone from Europe will jump in and help with your question.

You can ignore this firmware status UNKNOWN message - it will not be relevant as to why this isn’t working.

I just remembered, after it gets the online status (i have to reconnect it multiple times) openHAB shows me a firmware name, but I don’t get any information from the sensor

A logfile could possibly help if you can get one - although it depends on where the problem lies. In any case, it can’t hurt.

The log file from the sensor? How can I get it?

No - from the binding (I doubt the sensor has a way of creating a log file).

I connected the UBS stick directly to openHAB without zigbee2mqtt. Where can I find the log file?

Sorry - I completely missed that you are using zigbee2mqtt here. I thought you were using the ZigBee binding?

Well yes, I’m using openHAB WITHOUT zigbee2mqtt :sweat_smile:

Ok, sorry - I’m a bit confused now. If you’re not using zigbee2mqtt, why mention it?

Anyway, have you read the ZigBee binding documentation?

I read the documentation, but I didn’t memorize it. What are you trying to tell me? The biding itself works fine, with other xiaomi devices and hue lamps.

You asked how to create a logfile. I simply pointed you to the documentation :wink:

Okay i understand :smiley:
I’m currently not at home. I will show it up later :slight_smile:

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To eliminate transmission issues it is better to check the functionality right at the gateway. If it is not working there then it makes sense to search for other sources.

Is there a way to enclose the debug information? I turned off all zigbee devices, until the both xiaomi ones, I can’t turn them off. But I get so much in the log, I guess the most things are not relevant for this topic.

@dontplay I don’t have a xiaomi gatway.

Ok, then I use neutral terms. Bring the transmission partners close together, that structual conditions for interference can be eliminated. This first step is mandatory for all over the air transmission debugging to make sure that there is no environmental reason for malfunction.

I already wrote that I sit pretty close to the USB Stick. I’m not the only one with exact problem like that: Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

I tried to use zigbee2mqtt instead of the zigbee binding. zigbee2mqtt gives me all informations. That means, the binding maps the informations wrong.