Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Hi, I have managed to connect a “Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity Sensor” (round) with my zigbee binding without using a bridge.

The item is listed and when I pressed the connection button appears to be online, but it never receives values. So I think it requires a bridge for getting it to run or using zigbee2mqtt. Is that assumption correct or has anyone else managed to read the values without using a Xiaomi bridge?

I dont want to use such a bridge for somewhat chinese reasons. :wink:

Thanks Bechte

You will need a zigbee bridge. It can be either a usb dongle or a Xiami bridge. But you need something that will be able to “talk” to the devices via the radio frequency and zigbee protocol

well i have a usb dongle for zigbee. I am very new to using zigbee components and therefore i am not sure whether or not it is enough.

the USB dongle i have is the Telegesis (https://www.silabs.com/products/wireless/mesh-networking/telegesis-modules-gateways/etrx3-zigbee-usb-sticks) as of the tutorial of the zigbee binding.

will that be suffient? i mean i can find and connect the device but it is not receiving any updates (connected since two days now).

thanks for any ideas.

The zigbee protocol does not have a standard like zwave and some devices may use a slightly different way to communicate.
I don’t know if the xiaomi devices are compatible with the zigbee binding

Be careful. That is not true. Indeed some time ago there were several standards like ZLL (Zigbee Light Link) or ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation). Since 2016 the Zigbee Alliance combined all of the in one specification called Zigbee 3.0.

Back to topic @bechte: I am using the Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity sensor via deCONZ; a dedicated software to control Zigbee mesh networks. You will need specific hardware to use it too. Similar to a solution based on the Zigbee binding.

I am not sure if the Zigbee binding already implemented support for the sensor. It has to implement support for the ZHAHumidity and ZHATemperature clusters. I would suggest you to do a quick research here: https://github.com/openhab/org.openhab.binding.zigbee/issues.

I’m using more than 10 Xiaomi Temperature and Humidity sensors (the square ones) with a Qivicon ZigBee USB stick, the ZigBee binding and it works without any issues. Only the pairing is not that easy … it needs some time.

Could you please briefly explain how to pair and what to watch out carefully? i think I didn’t bind it correctly. Would be great to get a pro tip :slight_smile:

I’m having issues with these sensors as well…
I got them connected to my network, and they work well for a few minutes/hours.
Then the sensors just stop transmitting data. All of them just say -NaN and that’s it
maybe @chris already has a solution ? :slight_smile:

As I mentioned, I have the squared ones. Not sure if the behave the same way.
A friend of mine has the rounds too and has also no success.

I kept pressing the connection button and after some presses, the channels appeared. Before I only saw the message that the channel discovery was not completed.

I did the same thing and the device was found but not recognized. i copied the MAC address and added it manually. The channels then have been created but it is never online. i will order a square one and see if that works better. thanks for the hint.

Hi bechte, did you get it working?
I also bought two of them (square ones), because I thought it will work, but I have the same problem as you described. I can connect it (takes a while), but I never get any information.

No. Neither with the round nor the square ones. I think it does not work without a bridge device. I didnt had time for testing that.

They do with without the Xiaomi bridge - but you will need another ZigBee coordinator instead.