Xiaomi Mi IO Binding missing

Okay, so I have installed the Xiaomi Mi Smart Home binding and it works well. Now, I wanted to install the Mi IO Binding so I can control the Xiaomi Bedside lamp.

I’m configuring everything on my new raspberry pi with raspbian. Previously I had everything in my Windows PC.
To install the Mi IO Binding I had to install the Eclipse IoT and after that enable ALFA bindings. After doing that I was able to install the binding from Paper UI. I’m trying this from linux and I can’t find any Mi IO binding in Paper UI.

Any idea? Maybe Paper UI’s config is not working?

Look for errors in the logs. The IoT Marketplace might be having a certificate problem. If so see [SOLVED] Failed downloading Marketplace entries: Received fatal alert: handshake_failure

Thank you very much, this solved the problem! Only needed to copy thar jar files to the zulu’s security folder.