Your setup for a wall mounted tablet

(Chris Van Humbeeck) #81

Hi Daniel,

Very nice setup, but what do you mean with “The tablet starts charging via a presence detector (KNX).” ?

Br, Chris.

(Mr. Yoinkz) #82


Hi Maciej,

I really love the simple and easy to read panels you are creating!
One question though, would it be possible to get the widget code of your “Name / Time / Temp” panel at the top?

It might just be me who have overlooked it somewhere, but could you point me in the right direction then :).


(Maciej Eckstein) #83

here it is someone asked about it already in unrelated thread:

(Daniel) #84

Hi Chris

The charger is connected to a KNX actor wich turns on for 30 minutes after the presence detector detects a person. It would also be possible to activate the panal via OH item but I want the charger to turn off the most of the day too.

I hope that was understandable.


(Mr. Yoinkz) #85


Thanks for getting back to.
I’m sorry, but the widget / setting I was asking after was the topbar if you could call it that. The one showing the Room Name / Time and Temperature.

(Maciej Eckstein) #86

it was there in the 8 point thermostat thread

Here is the code.

               position: absolute;
               background: rgba(0,0,0,0);
               top: 15px; width: 100%;
               height: 60px;
               border-width: 0px 0px 1px 0px;
               border-style: solid;
               border-color: #666666;
               font-size: 2.3em;
               font-family: Roboto, Helvetica, sans-serif;

<div class="row" style="font-weight: bold;
                        " >
  <div class="col-md-4" style="top: 2px" >Entrance </div>
  <div class="col-md-4" style="top: -3px">
    	<div ng-init="clockmodel={
              }"><p class="text-center"><widget-clock ng-model="clockmodel" style="padding: 0px;" /></p></div></div>
  <div class="col-md-4" style="top: -4px; font-size: 24px;">
    <p class="text-right" style="-webkit-margin-after: -2px;"> Outside: {{'%.1f °C' | sprintf: itemValue('G_Temperature_t2q_Gardenbox')}} </p>	 
    <p class="text-right" style="-webkit-margin-after:  0px;"> Pool: {{'%.1f °C' | sprintf: itemValue('G_Temperature_wn8_pool')}} </p>


(Mr. Yoinkz) #87

Hey guys,

So I finally have my cheap Lenovo tab 3 on the wall with power source. I’m using FKB for displaying my habpanel.
Now, what do I need to do, in order to just “dim” the screen as someone mentioned, but go back to habpanel as soon as someone pressed or motion is detected.

Currently I also experience the everytime motion is detected the webpage is being refreshed. Even though my connection is good it still takes a few secs to reload which I don’t like. I don’t want to wait for being able to turn on lights etc.
Any good conf solutions to that?

(Bogumil J.) #88

Habpanelviewer is the best answer I believe.

(Stefan) #89

it seems the settings in FKB have what you ask for:

The screensaver would dim your Tablet to e.g. 10% with „dim:10“ after X minutes of inactivity. You can choose whether to reload the page after screensaver stops etc.


(Mr. Yoinkz) #90

Hi @zacofunny,

I was looking into this and it looks promising. But is it available at Play Store yet?

(Bogumil J.) #91

You can install it either manually by downloading the app (app-debug.apk)
or wait few days for the updated app in playstore as it is going to be updated soon.

(Mr. Yoinkz) #92

Thanks man… Will wait for the app on play store.
I hope you guys will post in here when available :slight_smile:

(Nat Neels) #93

Do you have a link for that tablet stand?

(scott dee) #94

if you want the screen totally off its “dim:” (don’t forget the “:”)

There’s one area of the settings that contain a few conditions where it’ll reload, just make sure they’re all off.

if you have cameras another idea would be to make a panel with all your cameras on it and use that as the screensaver URL

good luck

(Mr. Yoinkz) #95

Hi @waspie,

I do have cameras, so that could of course be an idea. But I’m just wonderring, if the screensaver then uses a panel named “Cams” or so, and then as soon as it detects motions or I tab the screen on the tablet, wouldn’t it then need to “refresh” the default pages for the panel? Then I would end up with some refresh-wait-time again?

(scott dee) #96

It’s not been my experience that the panel in the background has been out
of date and i do not use any of FKB’s refresh settings.

(Mr. Yoinkz) #97

Nice! I Will give it a try.
Is it possible to dim the display even though it shows another panel as a screensaver?

(scott dee) #98

i’ll get back to you on that.

(Mr. Yoinkz) #99

Thanks :)!

(Mr. Yoinkz) #100

Hey waspie,

So - did you get the dimming tested when showing another panel in screensaver mode?