Z-Wave Serial Adapter setup

Real NOOB here…
Want to set up Z-Wave devices.
I have Z-Wave USB stick plugged into openhabianpi
I’ve installed Z-Wave binding 2.1
The instructions say:
"Before the binding can be used, a serial adapter must be added. This needs to be done manually. Select “Serial ZStick”, and enter the serial port."
Where/how do I “Select Serial ZStick”?
Where/how do I find out the serial port?

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Raspberry Pi 2 B v1.1
    • OS: OpenHabianpi
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In PaperUI go to Things and press the + icon at the top. Select zwave and then click on “Add Thing Manually”. At this point your only option will be the serial Thing.

You will need to enter the address where the controller resides (/dev/tty* on Linux/Mac or COM* on Windows). On Linux the openhab user will need to have premission to read and write on the device. This is often handled by adding that user to the dialout or tty group.

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction.
Using your directions, I was able to add the Zwave controller.
(It did take a bit of fiddling to figure out that it was port /dev/ttyUSB0 )
I’m using a Nortek Linear HUSBZB-1 which is a combo Zwave and Zigbee adapter (Zigbee is on /dev/ttyUSB1)
After that, I was able to successfully at a Zwave switch (Aeotec Micro Switch G2).
Thanks for your help!

After some time with that controller, especially if you add some Zigbee devices, it might be nice to come back and post a review. Given the cost of that controller and the fact you get two for one I think it is going to be very popular among OH users as time goes by.

I’m glad you got everything working!

I was glad to find this HUSBZB-1 for a good price at Amazon and happy that it had both Zwave and Zigbee. I’m only using Zwave now but will probably end up with some Zigbee devices eventually. So far, I’m happy to report that it works!
OpenHAB is great for bringing some unification to the Tower of Babel which is home automation.
As I get more experience, I’ll post my results. Muddling through the learning curve now.

how do you add a zwave switch to the USB controller? on my Aeotec I press the button.
no instructions with the dongle…

Using PaperUI or HABmin, click on the add devices button…

HI Chris,
I could have possibly not been clear in my question or I don’t understand your answer.
So on my old AOETEC USB Stick to add Zwave Devices like light switches, I would unplug the USB controller and go to the Zwave device and press the button on the USB stick and turn on the switch I want to add and the switch would be “joined” to the zwave network. I would then plug the USB controller back into my PI3 and the system would find the switch and after that I could add the items to my system to control the Zwave device.
So all of that is unnecessary with the Nortek USB Controller? When I try to add devices there is nothing found.
Thank you for your answer, Sorry if I am being thick and simply missing something…


I have an Aeotec Smart Switch Gen 5 I have been trying to add onto the network using the UI however, the search cannot identify this z-wave device… Any help on how I can work this out? I already have the z-wave binding installed.

Can you describe what you are doing, and what is happening. Have you checked the logs to see if there are any errors?

Hi Chris,
Pardon my ignorance but I am new to openhab and still figuring my way round using the tool so have been using the forum a lot.

I installed openhab on an RPI two days ago and I believe I successfully configured the Aeotec Wave stick as my controller. I am not sure if there are any further steps after installing the zwave binding, identifying the z-stick and setting the serial port for this configuration.
All I am trying to do now is to configure another Aeotec device (Smart Switch Gen 5) using the same process but it is not visible when I do a search from the inbox. I have clicked the button as many times as possible for discovery but still isn’t discoverable.

About the logs, where can I access the logs? Through ssh into RPI or the UI? And will any logs be generated as yet especially when the device is not even discoverable the first place?

I appreciate there’s a lot to learn, but it’s really hard to help without some sort of information on what you are doing…

Adding a new device is quite different to adding a controller. Are you putting the device into inclusion mode after putting the binding into inclusion mode (ie click on the inbox search button in the UI, then put the device into include mode)?

Which button? The button in the UI? Or on the device? Or on the controller?

There is a lot of documentation - I know sometimes it’s not perfect, but I would suggest taking a look. Logging can be found here.

Yes - logging is always generated. There will be logging when the binding starts, logging when you put the controller into include mode, logging for every transaction with the controller… There is also a log viewer to display this.

Note that you’ll need to put the binding into debug mode for it to be useful with debugging…

Yes, this is exactly what I am doing but the device is not discoverable. Let me enquire further. Is there a different binding for the Aeotec Smart Switch? Because the only binding I have installed is the Z-wave binding.

By clicking, I mean the button on the Aeotec device.

Thanks for this… was very helpful and attached are the screenshots generated from the recent logs.

Would read on how to get this done and revert.

No - it uses the ZWave binding.

So to be clear, you are clicking the search button on the UI, and then clicking on the button on the device?

From the log, it shows there are no devices included, so either the controller isn’t being put into inclusion mode, or the device isn’t, or one of the devices is not functioning.

You use the console command

log:set debug org.openhab.binding.zwave

Yes I am doing just that, so in other words, I am putting both the controller and the device into inclusion mode. I guess perhaps the device is defective.
I would however want to ask this… In my readings, I have noticed that, my device “Aeotec Smart Switch Gen 5” isn’t listed under the many supported Zwave device listing by Aeon Labs. One such link is pasted below. Could that also be the source of my issue?


I would be surprised if it’s not in the database, but I’m not sure exactly what device you have.

No - even if it wasn’t in the database, it would still be included. Inclusion is completed between the controller and the device - it has nothing to do with the binding.

Unfortunately it isn’t. I have posted two pix of the device below so you can verify.

Pictures don’t mean too much - what is the model number?

Maybe it’s the DSC24?

Hmmm - or it could be the ZW075?