Z-Wave Wall Switch not toggling different endpoints

Yesterday I tried out to configure the Fibaro Double Switch 2 (FGS223, Version 3.3) and the Z-Wave Secure Wall Controller (ZME_WALLC-S, Version 1.1).
I am using the Z-Stick Gen 5, and the newest stable version of openhab 2, the zwave binding and habmin. (Downloaded openhabian yesterday)

I have configured the Group 1 to switch Endpoint 1 and Group 2 to switch Endpoint 2 but both groups are toggling Endpoint 1.
When I checked in the REST Documentation it just saved the node in the beginning, but suddenly it saved it with the endpoint, although it still isn’t working.

I’ve also included the output in console, when pressing the button for endpoint 2, where it seems that it’s just sending to endpoint 0.

(Had to put it into one, since I am not allowed to upload more)

Update: I just updated openHAB to the current snapshot version and re-added all the things (except the controller) and it doesn’t work there as well.
Same thing happens. Endpoints 1 and 2 are added to group 1 and 2, but when the wall switch gets pressed, only the first light goes on.

I have the same problem, but with Fibaro FGS222 and posted a question about that recently

I have another problem that might be related, it’s remote controls and Fibaro Dimmer2, associating my remotes to trigger the dimmer2 does not work after making a fresh openhab install. (here)

I have no solution for you, I got some help from @chris and i’m waiting for him to hopefully get back to me. Perhaps we can help each other in some way?

Do you have Fibaro dimmer2:s also?

After upgrading to 2.4.0 with the new zwave binding I also had problems with Dual wall switches. I did solve it after some fiddling.
The problem seems to arise because the dual switch in my case has 4 channels including Switch, Scene Number, Switch 1 and Switch 2. I had to go into my .items file and comment out the two light items I was switching. Then go into Habmin and delete all links to the items and save. Edit the .items file a second time to make the items active again. Then just add the links back in to the Switch1 and Switch2 channels for the 2 lights.
Prior to doing this the Switch channel was being invoked when I linked Switch 2 and both lights would come on together when one was requested.
Hope this might solve your problem as well.