Zigbee and zwave manual install script

Perfect. Thanks a million.

Just one more thing before I run the script. Do I have to reset the permissions after the script has finished and if so, what command would that be?

You should run the script from the account that runs OH, so there is no need to change permissions.

I thought that was usually the openhab user that has no shell.

Very nice script. However I tried using the one on github today because I was dead in the water due to the ZigBeeTemperatureConverter bug (issue #555) after upgrading to OH 2.5.1.
It didn’t work because the snapshot Zigbee version seems to require 1.3.0 or greater of the zsmartsystems jars - so the script is currently breaking. I had to manually get the 1.3.0 jars from maven central.

Select the snapshot version of the libraries, option 2, to get 1.3.0.

Just so I understand: There are updates and updates and updates to SNAPSHOTs. Will that, at some point in time, result in an OH 2.5.1-3, or is the script now the only way to include new items/item updates (before 3.0)?

SNAPSHOTS are just that - the latest version. They are created whenever there are any changes to the master branch. At some point, the snapshot will become a released version (we currently have 2.5.2 - next will be 2.5.3).

The script simply provides an easy way to update the bindings to the latest snapshot. It also provides some other features to update dependencies, but I won’t confuse matters with that :wink:


Thanks. Any thoughts on when 2.5.3 could become available?

I guess in a month or so. 2.5.2 was just released a couple of days ago.

Wow, I was not aware of 2.5.2. That probably allows me to avoid the script all together.
Can I then just run openhabian-config 03 while my 30 node system is running, or do I have to take some precautions (Stop OH/Power down …)?
I hate to play with a running system, but i need the database update for Telldus TZWP-102, of which I have 20.

Probably sooner than a month, since there is a fix for the security fix for Exec.

I think with a repository installation, and the current way things are setup for 2.5.x, you can clear the cache and your 2.x addons will update. Best go ask/find details in another topic though!

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The script has broken after the 2.5.2 release, since the URLs on jfrog seem to have changed again. Since NOBODY has bought me a beer, I do not think I will be updating the script any time soon. :slightly_frowning_face:

Just kidding… 1.2.5 has been released

Hmm I´d buy you a beer… It´s standing here on my table, just waiting for you to grap it :smiley:

You must have not seen the latest script… I added a link for beer donations (also in my forum profile) :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm… Nope I must have missed that part… Well, I guess I have to drink it myself then :smiley:

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I’ve released another update after the URLs changed again and added the Zigbee console, which appears to now be required.


Script version: 1.2.6

 *****     SUMMARY     *****

Addons path: /usr/share/openhab2/addons
openHAB account: openhab
Requested action: Install or upgrade Zigbee binding
Current openHAB snapshot version: 2.5.3
Requested Zigbee version: ZigBee Library release (pre-openHAB snapshot)
Requested Zigbee library version: 1.3.1

Is this correct?

  1. Yes, start now
  2. No, take me back to the first menu
  3. Exit
    #? 1

Uninstalling any managed binding(s) and installing serial transport…
… if prompted for a password for the Karaf console, the default password is ‘habopen’…

Logging in as openhab
Error executing command: No matching bundles
… a ‘No matching bundles’ error mesage is normal, if a binding had not been previously installed.

Backing up and uninstalling any unmanaged installs of Zigbee…

!!! It has taken more than two minutes to uninstall the Zigbee binding, so exiting !!!

I am facing this error while running the script.

What do you see in your openHAB.log file? Please use code fences.

no errors are seen in the logs