ZWAVE (Fibaro) blinds with Google Home

Hi All,

I am really struggling to understand how Zwave binding interacts with Google Home when it comes to blinds. Google Home does not appear to show the Open/Closed state correctly as well as inverts the percentage. More specifically:

  • If I open the blinds via OpenHab (=send value 100 via a rule), Google Home shows them as closed. However if I click on them in Google Home, Google home status turns to “Open” and blinds stay Open.
  • If I slightly close the blinds via OpenHab (=send value 20 via a rule), Google Home shows them as 20 % open as opposed to 20% closed.

I dug through the community posts and found these two with a similar problem:

However these posts seem to suggest that in OpenHab speak 0% equals fully open and 100% equals fully closed. This does not appear to be the case anymore since, as stated above, if I send a value 100, blinds fully open.

I also tried playing with inverting the percentage both at Google Home metadata level as well as within the channel in Zwave binding. Neither helped. Inverting at Google Home metadata level inverts the open/close commands (i.e. if I say Open, it closes the blinds). Inverting at Zwave binding channel level does not appear to make any difference.

If, from what I can see, both Google and Zwave binding treat 100% as fully open, I do not understand why percentage values show up incorrectly in Google Home app… Is this a bug?