Zwave Thing configuration with snapshot 1361

Openhabian snapshot 1361.

Not sure this is a snapshot issue or pilot error… :smirk:

I several devices, that (I thought) before yesterdays snapshot would update the display when triggered locally (for example in habpanel or PaperUI > Control.

At this point I have been able to get a DSC26 Micro Switch G2 to do this by setting parameter 80 to Basic CC Report Sent.

I thought previously I had the NAS-WR01ZE Metered Plug working this way. But, It now does not update when switched. And I don’t see parameter 80 in it’s configuration parameters.
(Side note on this device: I know I had it reporting the voltage (with and paperui generated item) but, now I have this item in a .items file as shown below. But, it always shows as 0.0)

Number Plug_11_V "Voltage [%.2f]" {channel="zwave:device:16500637f6a:node11:meter_voltage"}

I also have added a NZW36 Smart Plug. It shows no configuration parameters and the folowing attributes:


This is a inovelli.

Maybe you missed this post?

If you did not use the development version before your update you have to delete all things and readd them again.

Actually, since I buggered it all up when I updated to 1360 I have deleted and re-added all my zwave devices including the controller over the past 48 hours.

Also, I just added a brand new NZW36 and it shows 3 topics under Device Configuration and nothing under Configuration.

There is nothing defined in the database for configuration, so you might want to add those parameters:

I’m also wondering if those two devices should be combined, seems to be just different type and id’s, @chris what do you think? (Yes, I would have some spare time to do that :sunglasses:)

Yes - I agree. I’ve just deleted the older of the two as it had less information. I didn’t add the other device IDs to the newer entry though, so if you don’t mind, that would be great :slight_smile: .


I could not find any config parameters in the manual or the web. So I’m assuming there are no.

This is what the manual says…but, I don’t see parameter 80, which I tink is the one needed?

(Sorry, I don’t know how to rotate it…this editor rotated it! )

Umm - this is a list of command classes - not parameters :confused:

As for the NZW39’s I could have sworn they weren’t updating…but, they are now. :blush:

As are my ZEN23 & 24 units. :blush:

But the NAS-WR01ZE is still not reporting voltage and the ui never updates if the switch at the device is activated. :frowning_face:

I sent an email to Eric over at Inovelli, he has been pretty responsive in the past…

Eric had sent me some info when I was putting together the NZW39 (IIRC). When asked for the configuration parameters, he gave me this link…

Looks like there are a couple for the NZW36, but comparing the NZW39, there are a lot of config parameters missing in their documentation.

I did a diff on the 36 and 39 xml files on that github page.

The files are 781 lines long and only about 5 differences. The first of which is line 30 and the diff is the name, i.e. 36 vs 39. The rest look like formatting or java stuff.

Does his response imply it’s not in the snapshot?

As for trying what he said…
The 39 shows association groups, but mine are empty (habmin) and the ui updates on local switch.
The 36 shows no association groups, so yeah, not set.

Eric Maycock <>
3:59 PM (1 minute ago)
to Eric, me
Hi Mac, other Eric here. Thanks for writing in. We have pushed the configuration parameters to open-z-wave so
 if the version of OpenHAB you are using has the latest open-z-wave config, you should be already set. If not,
 you can see the configuration files from their github:

As for the problem you are seeing, I would guess that during inclusion the hub did not add its node id to the
 NZW36s association group 1. Can you try that and let me know if it fixes the issue? Group 1 is the lifeline group
 for the NZW36 and is used to send basic reports for when it is turned on/off. It should have the node ID of your
 z-wave stick in it. Usually that is node id 1. 

Eric M
VP Technology | Inovelli

His response seems to imply he thinks OH uses OZW - it doesn’t… The database would need to be updated to add any parameters.

We must be looking at different files! Each are ~25 lines with 2 parameters. The one for the NZW39 is missing most of the configuration parameters that I deciphered from the SmartThings DTH. As Chris mentioned, these are OpenZWave xmls and are not compatible with OH. If they had all the info, someone could use them to pick out the parameters to manually add though.

If you open them in github they are 25 lines. If you download them they are 700ish long

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Looks like I left clicked on the xml file in the github page and selected save link location and got the html for the whole github page. :blush:

In any case I’d like to learn how you picked through whatever to figure out the 39 and I’ll have a go at the 36.

I’ve looked at the databse guide and found the xml created on my system for the 36. Is that where to start?

The OZW file format is reasonably simple. Look for the command class 112 (which is configuration) -:

  <CommandClass id="112">
    <Value genre="config" index="1" value="0" label="LED Indicator Control" units="" size="1" min="0" max="255" type="list">
      <Help>Choose if you want the LED indicator to turn on when switch is on or off or disable completely.</Help>
      <Item value="0" label="LED on when switch is off"/>
      <Item value="1" label="LED on when switch is on"/>
      <Item value="2" label="LED is disabled"/>
    <Value genre="config" index="2" value="0" label="Automatically turn switch off after interval" units="seconds" size="2" min="0" max="32767" type="short">
      <Help>Automatically turn the switch off after this many seconds. 0 is disabled</Help>

In here you find an entry for each parameter - there are 2 (index 1 and 2). These are the parameter IDs in the OH database - the other information ought to be reasonably self explanatory (label, min and max values, size etc) - these all have similar names in the OH database.

You can then add options into the OH database - these are the item tags in the OZW database - again the data should be self explanatory (value and label).

Hopefully this helps…

So, after looking at the OZW xml files for the 39 and the 36 I see command class 112 (with 2 indexes) and 133 (association groups) (with 1 index).

But, in habmin my 39 shows a dozen or so Config Parameters and 3 association groups.

How did the OZW get translated to to what’s shown in habmin?

And, if I look at the node#.xml on my system for the 39 it only has 4 indexes, but habmin shows 12.

I don’t know. Maybe the information in the database is wrong, or maybe the information in the github link is wrong.

What do you mean by “4 addresses” - each node has a single node ID.