[BTicino/OpenWebNet] New openHAB2 binding ready for testing

Why would anybody add such an expiration date anyways? In case anybody is curious, the file to be changed is AbstractOpenGateway.java . I cant seem to be able to decompile the name of the function, but search for 2020 and you will find the deadline there.

I have put the decompiled version of the lib here: https://github.com/michnovka/openwebnet-lib . Is anybody interested helping to work on making this source more readable?That is the first step towards resuming development of this project without the original creator. Cheers

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hey tomas,

that sounds amazing! i hope there will be some people who are able and willing to help developing. unfortunately i am not a programmer, and i don´t know java at all. i just migrate my rules to jython and so i try to learn python a little.

but if i can help with testing i will be glad to do that.

about one year ago i was allowed to test some pre-releases that eliminated some bugs and had some more enhancements. i think this could be the source-code:

at that time i received the jar files and for example the heating bug was eliminated there.

best, stefan

Some very good news… Masimo is asking me to test a new library he has written from scratch … I must admit I was very surprised and really didn’t expect that.

Anyway… welcome back @Massi

Breathes sigh of relief :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:


Wonderful! hope will be shared soon!

Glad to hear Massimo is OK!
WB Massimo!


Very Good news!!
Let’s hope that the code will be completely available on git so other contributors can join and help :stuck_out_tongue:

WB Massimo

I know Massimo would really appreciate some help. Lets wait for him to announce his plans.

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Good news, hopefully good

Hi everyone. i installed openhab via openhabian image, and installed eclipse and openwebnet, it recognizes my MH202 but it does not connect. so I can’t handle anything. how can I do. thanks

Looks like Massimo updated the binding and extended to expiry to Sept 2020… see here or top of this thread


Have you configured the gateway Thing password?, Also, the old binding was expired but now there is a new one M4

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September 2020 is coming soon. There will be a new binding?


i try the new bidding from openhab [2.5.8] the gateway is online but all the items stay unkwow ? what i’m doing wrong ? back to the M3.jar and all is fine

2.5.8 ??? Where did you get that? I am just guessing but I think Massimo’s new binding with new library is soon/now available as part of the official openhab… but I don’t think it was working for everything yet. We have to wait for Massimo to explain what the options are and his plans for the binding.

from community and from ssh openhabian-config update stable

the link : https://community.openhab.org/t/openhab-2-5-8-release-discussion/104045

obviously whe need to wait … :slight_smile:

I guessed correclty :wink:


Congratulations. I know it was a lot of work for you.

but only lighting is supported!!!

@massi, what are the plans for the old binding when it expires?
ps you have it supporting lightning :cloud_with_lightning::grinning: should be lighting :bulb:

with this release none (even light) work except the gateway F454…

so…on my setup…yes is true, i can’t tell for other ?