Can OH do something like this? ... and if so how?

I saw this posted on a Tesla forum, indicating it was done with HomeAssistant.

Can OH do the same or similar, and how does one need to go about it to achieve a similar graph?

Call me silly, but I could watch these dots marching all over the place for hours :smiley:

I am still old school sitemap and have yet to do even a simple graph in MainUI (if I am not mistaken).

There are quite some threads about this topic, e.g.


I can’t remember all of them…

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There are widgets in the community marketplace that provide those nice energy flow animations, e.g.

and more …

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Ahh, market place…

I seem to be really old school; never grew beyond tings, items, rules :expressionless:

Thank you kindly for the links; will check it out.

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Even if you didn’t install them and use them as is, they are fantastic examples to learn from.

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