Cannot set custom position to Aeotec Nano Shutter

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Okay, then disregard :sunglasses:

These are the available documentations:

I’ve also written an email yesterday to Aeotec, waiting for an answer.

Okay, we will read it for you :grimacing:
Did you try changing config parameter 80?

I did, don’t worry (angry).
Parameter 80 is actually set to 1 btw.

I had to go through it to configure my physical buttons.
My Nano Shutter configuration is like so:
35: Moving time left to right --> 30
80: Report sent to nodes in association group 1 --> 1
85: Operation mode of external switch --> 1
120: External switch mode of S1 --> 1
121: External switch mode of S2 --> 1
252: Enable/disable config parameters to be locked --> 0
1: Lifeline --> Controller
2: Group 2 --> Search
Polling Period --> 1 Day
Command Polling Period --> 1500

Comment , the 99% is from 30mS after the 67 command was sent, but there is also a later position report a second later 14:33:45.637 for 100%

Remove any other associations except Lifeline.

“Search” in Group 2 is the default placeholder of the input. When I click on it, I see a list of two:
• first line is empty with a checkbox (status unchecked)
• second line is “Controller” with a checkbox (status unchecked)

For Lifeline, Controller is checked.

Hi Chris,
I went back on the full documentation. There is nothing I’ve found about a specific calibration except that the parameter 35 looks to take this role.
I tried to set it to 5, and indeed, the roller shutter auto stop 5s later the sent command.
Anyway, in no point this solves the issue about not being able to input intermediate values in the openhab field.
Do you have any new thought?

Sorry - I’m not familiar with this device so can’t really comment on how it works. From what I can see the binding is sending the correct commands.

Question is, does anyone got it to work? It’s obvious I’m not the only one owning a Nano Shutter and trying to use it with openhab.

Given that I don’t know of other reports of problems with this device, my assumption is that it works ok for others, but maybe someone else can confirm.

The log above is reasonably clear at least.

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Well, I’ve done a full Nano Shutter device reset, I’ve installed and setup Home Assistant (deactivated Openhab), and I’ve the exact same behavior.
Makes me wonder if the nano shutter support at all intermediate position…
I would really love someone to confirm.
BTW, still waiting for Aeotec to answer my email about this…

or if you have a defective product…

I cannot find anything to suggest that this device supports any kind of positioning. It seems to just be a substitute for button pushing.

Having said that, this is the only description I found that spells it out as

Function up / down (without positioning)

No-one in this earlier thread seems to have it working

It would be possible to do some rough positioning using motor run time, but that’s not much use without a working STOP command. I guess the zwave database would need some tweaking to marry up the rollershutter type commands?

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Aeotec Answer:

This is normal for the current version of Nano Shutter, it does not support positional controls based on the libraries that it supports for Multilevel Switch, although the support for that command class is meant for dimming type controls.
In the Multilevel Switch controls, it supports Ramp UP, Ramp DOWN, and STOP controls only.
It does not support intermediate values.
We are looking into possibly changing this reaction to allow more positional settings for Nano Shutter.

Ok, so you should have access to these up/down commands at least so you should have control of the device.

I do and it’s working (from the beginning).
I just cannot set any intermediate value.
But, here’s the rest of my discussion with Aeotec:

In any case, I do have an OTA update but it is not yet certified , i am asking if i can provide it temporarily at this time or if there is still development going on.
I should be able to get back to you earlier next week. At the minimum, i can provide you with the new documentation.

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Got a new email from Aeotec Support.
They just made public the last developper documentation for the Nano Shutter. Now including intermediate positioning.
Can be downloaded right there:

Just to understand: will Aeotec provide a software update that will cover the custom positioning? How can this software update be installed on a device connected to openhab?
Thanks for the clarification.

You can’t. You will need special software: