Funky looking z-wave network (which still works fine)?

Hello folks, I just updated openhab to 2.3 (it went way smother then expected, so far :slight_smile: ) and I added new device that was not supported before (sensative comfort strip). It went fine, but after mounting it on its final place it went offline, but waking it manually got it back online. Which got me to read a bit about the z-wave network repeating and healing and stuff. All works fine, all devices are (for now) at most 6-8m distance from the aeotec stick, with one/two walls in between. But is z-wave network supposed to look like this?

Node 2 is a wall switch, closest to the stick. Other nodes are several wall switches, roller blinds controllers, some battery powered switches and door sensors.

I also noticed in habmin that healing is set at 2am, should I disable it? (I dont thing I ever chose that myself)
Is all good or is there something I can do to improve the network? (as mentioned above, all seems to be working fine, I think)

There’s not much you can do with such an outdated binding. I don’t think much has been done in master other than device database updates since 2.2 (maybe 2.1?). Heal is displayed in Habmin, but is not available in the version of binding you are using. An updated version should be available soon, or you could manually install it…

Aha, I missed that important message. I see now that I do have binding-zwave - 2.3.0.
Right now I have things added via paper UI, and items added via config files.
Is it just to delete things from the paper UI (and I presume remove items from the config files as well?) and then add things back again from the paper UI inbox, and then add items to config files, and network will be better displayed?

Will things get the same ID, or would I need to update items with new thing ID as well?

Delete all zwave Things except the controller. Your devices will have the same Thing UID when rediscovered, so no need to touch the items/channels/links.

After updating the binding, the network view will likely look different, but this really doesn’t mean much…

Don’t use PaperUI for zwave Things (use Habmin).

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