Google Home - Actions (API) now available!

Thanks, I tried and it did not work :frowning:

Try [“Switchable”] unfortunately case is important.


What I have done is chain the commands on the OpenHAB side using a rule. For instance, when I go to bed and I want to turn lights, appliances, lock the door, etc. I say “Ok, Google shut it down” and then it changes the state of the associated item. When OH sees this item has turned to OFF, it will then execute what I have said (e.g. turning everything off). The only audible response from Google is “Ok Turning First Floor Bedtime OFF”.


Ryan, that is what I called dedicated scene. For some scenarios I use this, too. But over the year with different seasons / temperatures and lightingneeds that’s no perfect solution for me.

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First of all, I want to thank you for your work. I was starting to try Google Home connecting to Openhab directly a few days ago (I used IFTTT before). Here are hundred of discussions mixed together and there is no way to find something like a Tutorial or HowTo from the beginning. It is even harder to find any other topic or website due the many different older ways to connect Google Home with Openhab. (Hue Bridge or something like installing own SDK).
I want to use the “Google Home” App on my Android smartphone, go to “Smart Home Devices”, add a new smart home device, scroll to “Openhab”, allow it in account and add my items directly. It is always empty and disappearing fast. Can someone name me a site or topic with a tutorial from the scratch?

If not, here is my scenario:
I already have a account and it worked good with IFTTT.
But if I use the Android App to connect Google Home with Openhab it just shows “Account is linked” and the view is disappearing quickly. I can not choose anything. I also erased all items in and just added a simple Switchable in PaperUI, triggered it once from off to on. It’s the only item listed on But again, nothing appears in my Google Home App. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

@Tom_15, these two posts might be of some assistance.

Google Home & openHAB connection How-To


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@Tom_15 , I think you may forgot to edit the openhab item. You need to add tags to your item. Take a look at the item configuration. For example the [“Lighting”] tag. After that reconnect the openhab binding. You should now see the tagged items.

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That was what I was searching for. It works like a charm. Thank you for pointing the right posts.
May I suggest something to
Openhab instructions and tutorials are very hard to find in a community form. At least for me. So hard to search all the topics and posts for a beginner help. Can you give those great developers like Marzima an early opportunity to write a article in the docs/tutorial. Community can be for discussions and questions then.

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I agree. The one thing I like about the Echo is that it just simply replies with “Ok” after it completes my request. The Google Home repeats what I said which in most cases is unnecessary. A simple “You got it” would be perfect.

I also found that annoying with IFTTT and changed Google’s response through IFTTT to “Okay”… So it would be perfect if we could have the Google Home Actions API allow us to define Google’s response, as we can in IFTTT “My Applets”…

Newly added items do not seem to be automatically discovered. I had to restart bundle, unlink and link OH from Google Home every time before the new items show up, which of course, I need to reconfigure everything again from Google Home (assign rooms, etc). Anyone else having this issue?

Easier to just say
“hey google sync my devices”

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I know, right? Wish it worked. No error or anything unusual on logs also

Interesting… Sync my devices doesn’t work, but completely reconnecting the system does?

Some really interesting new features with Actions On Google:

This looks like it could be really powerful.
I have a OH rule currently that checks if the garage door is open at 8 and 9 pm each day, then uses TTS to play a messgage “The garage door is open/closed”. With this new “push notifications” functionality you could have it check at 9pm - push the notification and if its OPEN. then Google can ask “Would you like me to close it?” and you only need to reply with a “Yes/No”…
…at least i think this could be done…

The other really interesting thing to extend @MARZIMA work, would be to use the “Custom Device Actions” - then we can control anything - seems you no longer need Google to define the traits they support!

“Blinds up” / Blinds Down/ Stop
"Open the "

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Are you putting in a new item with the correct tags or adding a valid tag to a new item?

I am still on development setup through my own Openhab Cloud setup, but “Sync My Devices” has worked for me for quite some time. By saying “sync my devices” Google sends the “SYNC” intent to the action which is basically what happens when you’re adding in the Google Home App the first time. I find it odd that it doesn’t work.

Perhaps in future updates it will iron itself out.

I am on both (dev on my instance, but my home is actually on myopenhab). I have a temperature setup working also, I might request a PR soon. Now that I think about it, I’ll check what happens on a different Android device.

I have PR currently in for Thermostat/Temperature - check my code to see how it differs. Maybe there is something in there which allows Sync to work.


Can I ask how people are handling naming of items in openhab for use with Google Home ?

I got myself a GH Mini today and have been playing around with it - I expected that once the GH device was placed in a ‘room’ within the app, then saying things like ‘turn off the light’ would only do so for devices in the same room, but it turns off every single light… is that how it’s supposed to be ?

With colour lights, I have the following;

Dimmer   FF_MasterBedroom_Light              "Master Bedroom Light"    (gColorLights,gFirstFloorLights)    ["Switchable"]      {channel="miio:basic:036DABBA:brightness"}
Color    FF_MasterBedroom_Light_Color              "Master Bedroom Light Color"      (gColorLightsHSB)      ["Lighting"]  {channel="miio:basic:036DABBA:color"}

In the GH app, the light appears twice - so when I say ‘turn off the master bedroom’ it tries to switch ‘off’ the color item too… is there any way to combine items so they are presented to GH as the single physical device they are??

Also, does anyone know if there is a way to set a string item using this ? - I tried to add the ‘Switchable’ tag, in the hope it would just send the command I stated, but the device doesn’t show up after syncing.
(I’m trying to control a Logitech Harmony Hub - Current Activity channel)

Try to just add the Color Item only.
For the String, it is not possible ATM, but you can do that with IFTTT and both works together.