Hive stopped working suddenly

Hi everyone my setup has stopped communicating with my hive thermostat anyone else have this issue it was working yesterday and early today but just nothing now have hive updated there system or something or is it just me?

It’s not just you. It stopped for me too.
The API endpoint now returns:

"genericError": {
        "error": {
            "reason": "GONE",
            "message": "Not supported anymore"

This has been noted elsewhere e.g.

I’m still coming across new bits of information.
The Home Assistant API is based on a different endpoint, which also stopped working on the same date, but the fix was a simple url change from

for more discussion, see here:

I moved to a python script and exec method, using the python pyhiveapi library.

This was updated 2 days ago to point to the new endpoint url, and works for me as of today.

I presume there are more fundamental differences between the and the endpoints, so a simple url change for the existing openhab binding may not be as straightforward?

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for reference, see also this thread

Hi @steve098 thanks for the replys so what do you think i should do move over too something else like the python scripts or wait it off until the binding developers try too update there bindings

I can’t comment on what the developers of the binding will do. We rely on the goodwill of the opensource community, and it is beyond my ability to make the change.

I would hope that it was a relatively straightforward change to the API from the old endpoint to the new beekeper.hive endpoint that is confirmed working, but I don’t know if there are more fundamental differences between the API services that would hold things up.

If you were adept at python and EXEC binding, and only needed simple heating temps, then the python script would suffice. For anything more complex or a turn-key binding, you’ll have to wait or contribute yourself.

If all you needed were heating current temp, setpoint and boiler state, I can copy out my scripts and rules for you to emulate and adapt to your own needs?

If anyone is interested I’ve used the following replacement code in the original script:

session=$(curl -s -k -g -H “Content-Type: application/json” \
-H “Accept: application/json”
-d ‘{“username”:””,”password”:”xxxxxx”}’ \
sessionId=$(echo $session | python -c ‘import sys, json; print json.load(sys.stdin)[“token”]’)

I still need to replace the python bit at the end wih a bit of jq as per the original but I’m getting there as it’s updating everything as it used to.

It doesn’t look like the original bindings will be getting fixed aint seen anyone taking about it sadly

Sorry I can’t help with the binding.
I started off using the original script as mentioned above which was a fair time before the binding was created.

I got the original shell script working agian after yet another change a couple of days ago.
All the information is in the following :-

You use node and an AWS plugin to generate your credentials and export them to a file.
Thereafter the script uses a curl to login and a further curl to get the data.

Do you have a link too the shell scripts?

I cant access the site you linked it needs a user and password mine does not work

This is the original tutorial.:-1:

I’m no shell script programmer but I’ve managed to change it over the years to mostly use MQTT rather than REST
The logon routine and the getdata function are the ones that need changing.
I have to say that i use it strictly as read only as the Hive app is good enough for control.
Also I don’t have any bulb nodes but I do have switches and TRV’s and was able to modify the code myself as it is quite logical.

The reason you maybe can not get to the discussion link is that you need the same credentials as your Hive App

I used too use that setup myself i only need read and write too one Thermostat nothing else i will look into it again