How To Zigbee Binding to work with CC2531


i purchased a CC2531 dongle.

Now i have read the following issues/pull requests/links:

So far i am not sure if i can use the binding only the CC2531 dongle. Do i need the CC-Debugger for flashing the USB Dongle?

Where can i find the binding.jar for zigbee?



Okay, here is what i have learned so far:

  1. You’ll not only need the CC2531 Dongle, you also need the CC-Debugger
  2. I purchased the following items:
  1. The dongle is flashed with a sniffer firmware, so the first thing to do is to flash it with a custom firmware.

I found most of the information from this document:

I think this should be the correct firmware:

Based on this github page:

I will continue on writing this thread when the cc-debugger arrives.


Is the zigbee binding same role as zigbee4java/node-zigbee in a way?
OR say, zigbee binding is a light weight version of zigbee4java?
I mean,
1 both talk to TI2531 based USB dongle.
2 both run on PC. say usb dongle plug into PC.

Can some expert shed some light? Thank you.

The Zigbee binding is currently using the zigbee4java library but that is going to change in future.

Depending on the existing firmware the stick is shipped with it might contain a serial bootloader so it is possible to flash without the debugger. The tools should be available in the ztack from TI.

Another isssue with this bootloader is that it is included when you flash the Z-stack on to it. It will wait in the bootloader for a certain time or until it receives a “magic sequence” that causes it to start the real firmware! This “magic” has changed between different versions so even if the application works with the version of the firmware it might be needed to configure the bootloader magic.

Did you get the EM debugger, and is it working? I’m looking at TI’s cc debugger, the prices is much higher than yours. I’m wondering if your ordered one works (SmartRF04EB I believe?)

Hello, did you manage to make things work? can you tell us more about what you did?
Thank you.

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Just press the reset button on the SmartRF04EB.

What’s the future library ?

You are replying to a VERY old message (ie 2 1/2 years old) - it’s already the future :slight_smile:

You are right. Sorry. :roll_eyes:
New libary is com.zsmartsystems.zigbee