In need of openHAB stickers

My 10 year old laptop needs to be replaced - so how to get a replacement for the openHAB sticker? :sweat_smile:

I think I got the last one from @luckow during a Berlin Meetup - could that be?

Does anyone still have some laying around? Would also be quite open to ‚Spend x€ to the Foundation to get stickers as thank you via mail‘ :thinking::sweat_smile:


haha :slight_smile: two quick options. sticker and a drink in real or sticker via snail mail. option two needs an address.


Surely option one also requires an address of some kind? :smile:

(We should all meet up more)

Where are you located, I am actually in Kent for holidays until next week Friday…
But won‘t have stickers with me :wink:

Berlin :sweat_smile:

Maybe that’s the solution - we need a new iteration of the Berlin Meetup. Maybe only a little get together in some bar if a meetup with a program is too much :thinking:

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I know, my question was for @MDAR :wink:
For Berlin, @luckow would be the best bet….

I’m in the UK (just north of London) but I’m up for meeting for a beer / pizza.

Actually, I’ll be in Yeovil at the beginning of next week.

I hate to break it to you…


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That would be a 3h drive from my location, which would be to much. My wife would kill me…

What do you mean by that ?

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Indeed, it’s a long drive for me to visit this client.
You’re welcome to go in my place.

But if you’re going into London at the back end of the week, I’ll happily come down.

(I’ll be back in Northampton on Tuesday evening)

I haven’t got any stickers, so you’ll still need to book a table in Berlin to meet @fex :smile:

Yeah yeah, it’s a hell of a drive.

(But Yeovil is just a client visit for a few days)

As I was a sales person for profession, I know this. Had customers all over Germany to visit.

Unfortunately, we are not planning to go to London this time, as it would not fit for our little boy (4 1/2). Even this would be a long drive, as we are about 1h from Dartford Crossing if you know where that is, guess you do.


I’ll be in stuttgart tomorrow morning shopping :smiley: could use a sticker! Haha

Means “I’m not happy that I have to be the one to tell you this”.
Usually a heartfelt feeling. As in, he really didn’t want to give you bad news.


I would definitely pay (the foundation?) for both stickers and other merchs, like coffee cup, t-shirt etc.

Would never make a meetup due to location and family situation. :pensive:

Regards s

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An OH2 to OH3 “migration coffee cup” would be a great thing - for sure I will need a lot of caffeine for that :smiley:

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Don’t think so. It took me just a few hours migrating from oh 2.5 to oh 3.0 when it was released, with 120+ Things and 750+ Items.

I have 4400+ Items and more than 10.000 lines of rules-code. The problem is that OH 2.5 ist still my prod environment and I can only migrate step by step. Didn’t find an easy way to get this all done within a few hours :frowning: