iOS app for OH3?

The app works fine with my openHAB loud for me - only issue I have is new null value number items do t I italise to a number - once done in the browser version and they are changed from null to a number it’s fine - haven’t looked to see if it’s already an issue

I don’t have this issue going local to remote - sometimes going back a quick pull down triggers a refresh and away she goes

I have been using the Testflight version for a few weeks and love it. I haven’t encountered any problems.

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From today the main UI is not available from right menu. any idea?

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You mean default site map?

Yes, the new release is not more able to open the OH3 default site on my iPhone and on my tablet.
Use now the browser meanwhile…

Sitemap is the only thing that is working,the UI is not working anymore…

Ok I never knew it worked - granted your saying it doesn’t any more but where did you set/apply it?

Latest Testflight version was build from wrong branch, that’s why it broke MainUI.
Update is on the way.

cool thank you! in the meanwhile, in openhab log i get an error of long URL, i think when i set a card pointing to an external url. at the moment i can’t try, but if i remember it’s also impossibile to open a card pointing to frontail log for example…it does nothing.
are you aware of these issues?

No, never tried.

I also miss that feature - opening external links (http/https) - therefore I added a PR, so lets see …

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Is it possible that the build with the wrong branch also destroyed the iOS shortcut connection/function? Since a few versions I can‘t use my shortcuts anymore.

iOS app version 2,4,41 to address crash is currently under review at Apple. As soon as this one is out of the way we will fix the OH3 GUI issue and make it part of regular release - so far it was a beta only


In fact just updated the app to new release and ui is not available for selection. We all trust in you developers :kissing_heart:

2.4.41 is in the App Store
Please let us know your experience

As said before, if is normal that the main ui is again unavailable,the rest is the same as yesterday…

Yes OH3 GUI is not yet integrated (but it never was in the release builds, so far it only was in beta via TestFlight ).
If you are on OH 3.x or still on 1.x you shouldn‘t notice any change

i’ve moved to testflight because the beta version was okay to manage main ui…but the main ui will be again available in testflight in a near future?

We will push a beta including GUI for OH3 as soon as we have confirmation that release 2.4.41 fixes the issue on empty sitemaps

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