Is there a way to create "Animations" for devices?

I’am quite new to the whole topic of openHAB, but I already have some tint bulbs and I connected them to openHAB via Zigbee2mqtt, and I am able to control them. My question is: Is there a way to create animation like things? For example an up and down fading one or something?

Did you find any information when you searched? I know the official documentation has some information and tips about icons.

I do not mean Icons, I mean the actual lamp getting darker and brighter (for example)

That depends a lot on your chosen lamp and control mechanisms then.

@TheGreyDiamond: I didn’t check to see if there was a lamp fading icon but here’s a link you may find helpful:

I dont want to animate an Icon. I want to change color on my physical Lamp. My physical Lamp is supposed to follow an animation. @H102

What are you using in the sitemap file?

A Slider will fade with brightness not sure how Colorpicker works as I have no color bulbs.

I want an animation to be triggerd.
So, a switch gets turned on, then a physical Bulb should turn on and then get darker and brighter and repeat that. So automate it.

You can do that with rules.

I was thinking you wanted anamation on your sitemap. :roll_eyes:

with a rule

Yeah thats clear, but how?

First you need to post the items and what you’ve tried so far. Or are you asking someone to write the rule for you?

So I have a state, color and brightness channel for my bulb. I have literally no idea how I could start this rule.

See the bottom of this topic for more links to rule examples.

Depending on fast and how often you want the light to change it may be best to control that part with a separate device. I say this b/c using rules in OH is limited to 10 threads if your on version 2.5.

Please start at the beginning. Get to know openHAB concepts and read the docs first before asking for help.
Links in here:
How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You - Tutorials & Examples - openHAB Community

I wouldn’t do that in a rule. Keep in mind, that this rule has to run as long as the animation is active. You may need some other device that you can trigger that is controlling the animation of the bulb. Maybe you can create a script that does this for you and trigger it with the exec-binding. You will also need a way to stop this script if the animation is endless.

I mentioned that in the note at bottom of post but thanks for reiterating.

Sorry, I was answering to a post above yours and didn’t see that, but it can’t hurt to mention it more than once.

I would cheat… Or better put, ‘I would leverage the features of another binding’ and link the states.

If you look at the DMX binding, you will find a Chaser Thing.

In your use case, you’d simple be creating a single channel chase effect.

Link the same Item to both the chase output with a follow profile when linking to your physical lamp.

You can also use the same DMX channel with other DMX Things, like the Dimmer.

I use this method with an RGB (3 channel) lamp which doesn’t have a colour picker in it’s Thing options within openHAB2.