Key pad to open A Range of Buttons

Hi All.
I am looking in to something. not sure how to say it. or if there is a topic in this deriction.

what I want to do is creat a keypad that you need to enter a pin to access buttons for surety functions. like say a button to disengage the gate lift sensor . or to bypass the water tank level for alarm testing purposes. can you guys assist me . or point me in the right direction.


What kind of thing are you needing?

There are Text / Pin entry widgets for HabPanel, that you can use a rule to compare new values to a PIN?

Which could offer time outs if too many (wrong) pins are entered.

Or do you want something in basicUI etc?

Quick search result

mostly for basicUI.

Oh, I don’t know then.

I only use HabPanel or Rest API from other platforms.

Have you tried the search feature of this forum?

yes . but I not sure that this fits in to what I want. as these only send the commands to say a alarm panel.

Surely the widget sends the text to a string / number item within openHAB2?

That is correct.

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