Linking Tuya Smart devices

Hey, I have some Tuya smart plugs and I would like to add them onto my openhab, i can’t flash them anything, and they basically connect to their own cloud services, is ther any binding, script or anything to be able to access them, I have those plugs added to my google home, alexa and apple home kit, mabye that can help.

A search for “Tuya” will give you a long list of discussions headed by this one, which is the most widely used method:

Someone has been working on a binding recently, but they have not officially introduced it to the OH community (as far as I’m aware). It may work, it may not, and you use it at your own risk.

My recommendation would be to make a backup of your OH server, then try the binding. That way, you can easily recover if something goes wrong, and then use the AgentK method.

A year or more ago I bought 20 Tuya remote controllable radiator valves at the cost of several hundred pounds with the intention of controlling all the radiators in my home (I have 19 radators) via OpenHAB or Home Assistant. I also bought two Tuya Zigbee gateways. I have not been able to use any of these devices yet, because I can’t find out how to pair the valves with the gateway so that I can control the valves remotely. I have asked everyone that I can think of how to do this, but either I have not had replies, or the replies have not been effective (e.g. the valves do not behave as the correspondent has described). Maybe the firmware in my devices is newer or older than what other people have got, or something. Someone surely must know how these devices work? If you know how to do this, or how to find out, please let me know.

Thank you - Rowan

Sorry to hear about your trouble. Looking at your previous posts, you specifically asked for someone to tell you exactly how to pair them without providing any details about the devices or describing what you tried. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to get a response.

I don’t have any of these devices, but even if I did I wouldn’t know which version you’re talking about (aside from it being Zigbee).

Here are search results for “Tuya Radiator Valve”. There aren’t a lot, which suggests that very few people here are using these valves.

I also don’t know anything about your Tuya Zigbee gateway, since you didn’t provide any details about it either. Perhaps that’s your actual problem.

I’m not trying to be harsh, as I get that you’re frustrated. I suggest starting a new post (not continuing this one) and detailing what you’ve got and what you’ve done. You’ve got to give people something to work with so that they can offer advice and feedback.

The gateway is marked Smart Gateway, Model JMWZG1, Power Input: 5V = 1A.

The TRVs aren’t marked anything, no manufacturer’s name, no model number, no serial number, nothing. The top of the vave is removable to fit 2 AA batteris, and has a small grating presumably so that a LED can show through or so that a beeper can sound through it (or both). The disaply/touch keys are on the cylindrical sides of the valve. The only thing that is visible when the valve is not powered up is a “home” icon, but during the power up sequence lot of other indicators or touch buttons come on. Some very similar Tuya valves have the display on the end of the cylindrical unit. This one does not - they are on the side, like this:
Tuya Controls-Displays
That is really all I know about these devices. As so often with things made in China, they came with absolutely no documentation or manual or anything.


If you looked at those search results, you’d find at least two links that are about very similar devices and solutions.

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New info TuYa PJ-1203A