MainUI - Grafana and video problems with remote connection using iOS App via

… need to get clarity regarding some problems with remote connection using iOS App!

openHAB 3.3.0 stable
iOS app: 2.4.52 (Testflight)

Not sure this is a “Config”, “MainUI” or “iOS App” issue.


Video stream in Basic UI sitemap:

Video url="http://user:pwd@" encoding="mjpeg"

This is working both in local network AND remotely via

Video stream in MainUI via image card and ipcamera binding, since Video card with mjpeg doesn’t work in MainUI:

This is only working in local network BUT NOT remotely via

Same issue with Grafana using Webframe card in MainUI…{period}&panelId=2

This is only working in local network BUT NOT remotely via

Any idea why this is not working remotely - especially since my first example (Basic UI) works locally and remotely?

Hope someone can advise.

… using

Also Image-card not working remotely in MainUI:

- component: oh-image-card
    url: http://localhost:8080/static/kostal_piko.png

… whereas BasicUI ist working:

Image url="http://localhost:8080/static/kostal_piko.png"

Solution to the problem with Image-card:

Hello, did you manage to solve your problem?

I´m struggling with the same issue and the answers here in the community are quite different. Some people say that Webview with external access (myopenhab) is working (not in my case!) and some say it´s not as you have to render your images.

Meanwhile I did set up external Grafana and Influx DB server. Grafana image renderer is running also as a docker image on my NAS. Hope I can view my charts also from external while rendering my images and using Image instead of Webview.

No, still the same problem.
As a workaround I use VPN to see the images when connecting from external network.

Alright - thanks for your response.

I finally managed to use the rendering functionallity of Grafana but I´m not so happy with the performance as rendering is taking a few seconds (it´s running on my Synology NAS, not on the PI). Maybe I will also use VPN when I need to see the charts on my sitemap.

One last option would be to copy the rendered images to the PI and show them in the sitemap and run the copy job every x minutes.