MyBMW Binding

Thanx for the bugfix :slight_smile:
Although, for the i3 i now get electric range and milage in meters instead of kilometers. Does anybody else see this happen?

I have same problem with my 330e, everything is in meters, not in kilometers.

Still km delivered on my side. But maybe for some vehicles the data changed.

Either provide a fingerprint from the debug logs or check the values by yourself from the raw channel which is available in Show Advanced

I added my comment in the request directly. Please have a look [myBMW] Provide 'DistanceFromHome' channel · Issue #12783 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

Dear BMW drivers - some sad news from my side. My BMW is sold and will be picked up the next days. So I’m not able to implement and test further changes in this binding.

Is there somebody willing to take up the maintenance?

Please check my latest comment in github. home-distance channel is ready and delivered in marketplace binding.

It’s unit tested by my side because I don’t own a BMW anymore. After positive test result from your side I’ll raise Pull Request.

openhab> list|grep -i bmw
312 x Active x  80 x     x openHAB Add-ons :: Bundles :: MyBMW Binding

Is this the right version to test? The home-distance channel is not available for testing.

Version looks ok. The problem was already discussed in a previous post and there’s also link into a forum discussion.

In short: new binding channels don’t appear automatically in previously created things => re-creation is necessary

This worked. I can confirm the new distance from home channel works as expected. Thank you!

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I also tried to remove and re-install the MyBMW Binding, by Marketplace and also manually, but I still receive the Bridge Error Communication Error “Forbidden”.

Anyone else has still this problem?

EDIT: Sorry, it works now … there was an error in my openhab system.

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Binding stop working with UNKNOWN status and in the logs: MyBMWProxy isn’t present
Opened mybmw app - approved legal terms and binding start working again.
Seams like have to approve two legal checkboxes time to time to continue binding work.

Hi Bernd,
i know you don´t own your BMW anymore.
BMW added a new functionality to the MyBMW app to track the latest drives.
You can see the last drive and a list of the latest drives.
Maybe you could take a look and see if you can implement this without a car.

Cheers Michael