myopenHAB Service Disruptions

Our hosting provider has had a series of network related issues in the last 12 hours, they are currently trying to resolve this, but in the mean time connectivity to our cloud service will be unreliable.

Please see for more information. I will be monitoring the situation and report back when things have been resolved.


Ah! Been scratching my head for the last hour wondering what the heck was up. Thank you for the update! (Weirdly enough the status page states that everything is in working order…)

Thanks for the update. I was wondering what I had messed up!

I’m seeing “Internal Server Error” not an inability to reach the service. Is their network problem affecting access to other hosts within the datacenter or Internet side? The latter isn’t a symptom I’m seeing.

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Its looks like linode has finally settled down for good, so i have restarted our services for good measure. I will keep monitoring, but hopefully systems start reconnecting again, it may take awhile for everyone to establish a connection.


I’ve been stuck with the ‘Internal Server Error’ for sometime - I posted about this already Is myopenhab working? - Apps & Services / myopenHAB - openHAB Community

I should add that I did try clearing all the cookies and also incognito mode which is still producing the same error.


Did you try rebooting whatever device you have Openhab running on? I too got the internal server error for quite some time after it was posted that things were back up, finally rebooted the device running OpenHab and waited another 15 or so minutes and it worked. Can you ping from the device your instance of openhab runs on?

Yes, I have rebooted the openhab server.

The issue only seems to be the website as I don’t see anything but Internal Server Error after logging in. Note: I am using another computer to login and I see the same issue no matter which browser (I have tried from a Windows 10 Pro install on two different PC’s and from an Android Mobile - browsers are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge).

Alexa integration is working, indicating that my instance of Openhab is working and the fact that is also displaying correctly indicates that the proxy’ing is working.

I was having this problem as well. I updated everything on my OpenHabian device, reentered my UUID and Secret in the cloud, rebooted, and waited an hour. That worked for me after being down for three days and rebooting several times…

Hi sunny , what error are you getting when you log into the web portal ?

Never mind , see your other thread. I seem to remember something like this awhile ago, something todo with timezone parsing of the browsers reported region, i’ll see if i can find something.

I can’t actually re-enter my UUID or Secret in the cloud as all I see is the ‘Internal Server Error’ as soon as I login. Alexa is working, so it does know the UUID and Secret since my local instance is being proxied.

I’m in the UK and hence that have my timezone set to ‘(GMT) Europe/London’

Not sure if this is related. But logs on my openhab instance keep throwing this if I access from cloud.

2021-01-30 13:06:21.853 [WARN ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Unsupported request method HEAD

This thread linked here so posting here

It’s not related to my error which now seems to be fixed as I can login at again (I tried when reading your message which is the first time it has worked since I posted my original message).

I also use a different username and have no issues accessing the dashboard.