Newbie, info on Wifi Switches

Is there anyone out there that has used the Moes wifi switch before. Use’s the smart life app, I can’t find the right binding to use. Also looking for a binding for a Lampux GU10 bulb use’s same app.

Any help appreciated.

No help with your devices Todd, never even heard of either but…
Welcome to the OpenHAB community and I’m sure someone will be along shortly to assist

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Hi Todd,

Since they use the Smart Life app, your devices are manufactured by a company called Tuya. You’ll find a ton of them on the Internet rebranded by numerous companies, and they’re generally good bang for the buck.

There are two ways to integrate Tuya-based devices with openHAB. One involves a bit more work on the openHAB side, while the other requires a bit more work on the device side to flash a new firmware onto them. In both cases, you’ll need to use MQTT to communicate with your devices.

I went with the second option of flashing with a firmware called Tasmota. It was a little daunting when I first looked into it, but the actual process went very smoothly once I tried it. And it’s really easy to go back to the original firmware if you ever need to do so.

What I like about Tasmota is that it completely removes a Tuya device’s ability to communicate over the Internet, so you can only control it over your local network. If you’re going to go this route, have a look through the Tasmota templates to see if you can find your devices (I see lots of Moes and LampUX names). You might find photos of your devices with different brand/model names, and these templates will likely work (again, they’re just rebrands).

If you’re just getting started with openHAB, it can be a bit tricky setting up MQTT. However, lots of people have done it, so as @Andrew_Rowe noted there’s lots of help available.


Thanks, there is a lot of great information here. from what I read last night I knew I was going to use the MQTT Binding and have set it up already. Will be giving it a try this weekend.

Thanks again,

Good stuff. Just to check, did you install the Mosquitto MQTT broker (done through openHABian-config or apt-get), or the Moquette broker in PaperUI? The reason I ask is that Moquette is no longer supported, but that’s not entirely clear when you search the community.

If you go the Tasmota route, I suggest setting up a fresh Raspian on a spare SD card, installing Tuya-convert, and then keeping that setup on hand for flashing future devices. I actually have Tuya-convert on a second RPi that I use for Pi-Hole and CUPS.

Yes I installed the broker from the PaperUI. but going through the setup again. If I do go through the Tasmota route I will be using second sd card for tuya-convert but going to try the first convert first. (Figures crossed)

Thanks again

Cool. Moquette works, but a lot of folks will tell you is to switch to Mosquitto if you come looking for help with MQTT.

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