Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

Changing the mode form Google Assistant is not yet supported. There is already a fix, but it needs to be deployed.

Ok :slight_smile: thank you @aart

When this gets online where is the best place to see the current supported tags?

Sorry for the question, but I had much other things to do and I forgot to follow this thread and github as well…
Which tags are currently supported with Google Assistant? Just that ones which is stated in the first post?
Outlet and Scene will be integrated soon? Or there will be other new tags?


Hello, is there any way to detect in rules if the request is cumming from google assistant or from the user clicking in the interface?

Thank you

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Not directly. You can do this with a Proxy Item an Rules. See Approach 3 in Design Pattern: Manual Trigger Detection.

Please stop dropping the same question on multiple treats!
I’ve give you an answer here.


I ve deployed the latest upgrades.
I did this on business trip from turkey, so please let me know if you face any problems.

BR Mehmet


Hey Mehmet,

Thank you again!.

Q: Does your deployment mean its now submitted to Google for review and release or its immediately switched on for users immediately?

Thanks Mehmet for deploying.

The deploying is on the cloud function witch sits between GA and OH. So no review from google is needed!
You can use it now!
The scene and outlet tags can now been used!
The thermostat change mode is fixt to.
Just say the magic words, sync my devices!

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How does “outlet” and “scene” work? What’s the difference on a lighting and outlet (fuctionality wise) ? isn’t it a simple ON/OFF command?

Any examples on how to use these are much appreciated :wink:

For outlet, looks like it is mostly to display as an outlet icon, and I suppose Google will contextually refer to it as an outlet, so synonyms would probably be accepted for the voice assistant command.

From their Actions for Google page:

[Outlet] action.devices.types.OUTLET
This type indicates that the device gets the plug icon and some outlet synonyms/aliases. action.devices.traits.OnOff

Not 100% sure how scene works.

I’ve changed a couple of switches to scenes and one to an outlet and synced my devices. The outlet now appears as an outlet in the Google Home app, but it doesn’t show the devices I switched to scenes anymore. I did this remotely, so I can’t verify if the scenes work anymore.

Scenes don’t show in the Google Home app like you might have been used to when they were 'Switchable’s. Scenes do appear under Google Assistant - > Home Control with a movieclapper icon and they are selectable under Google Routines.


Thanks for the info. I’ll check on my Google Home Hub when I get home tonight and see if I see the same behavior.

Is it possible to use this Assistant-widget with different items?
I have one Item for the current temperature
Another for the wanted temperature
And a third for the Heatingmode (Night / Comfort…)


I’m struggling to get the Color (or Colour) picker to work.

What exactly do you say to Google to get it to work?




It’s okay, I’ve got the Color tag set and Google Assistant synchronised now.

The following commands work for me ;

“Set the bathroom colour to blue”

“Set the bathroom colour to Pink”

“Set the bathroom colour to Yellow”

“Set the bathroom colour to Mauve”

“Set the bathroom colour to Cyan”

“Turn the bathroom colour off”

For information.
[ “Outlet” ] tag works fine.


Do you mean you have changed the item tag from lighting to color? Because I can’t set the color of my lighting item anymore.

  • Jordo
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Hi Jordo

In fairness, this is a ‘new’ item to tag.

The individual dimmers have previously been exposed, but this was a fresh try at exposing the Bathroom Colorpicker.

So all I did was add the Color tag and resync Google Assistant.

Previously, I tried with a different room’s colorpicker before anyone had suggested that it was working.

So my next step is to check the other rooms.

Hi Stuart,

You say the color tag is new?
So your new item has the tags [ “Color”, “Lighting” ],
or just the “lighting” tag with an item of type color?

  • Jordo