Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB

anyone uses Google Home Mini with their domain account, for example:

Please show the screen in the paperUI of the installed binding or tell in detail what kind of binding is it? I’ve been following the topic from the first day, but my English is so bad that I can not understand what kind of binding it is.
Thank you!

You need to install the “openHAB Cloud Connector”

Thank you! Now it is clear!!! I have it installed. Google Home Mini is not supported yet in my country. I wanted to try it in English, but I can not add it to the Google Home application, says that the Google assistant can not work with my account. My account is in my own domain -
I wonder if anyone is using their domain …

You need to have a google account ( gmail account )

I did not specify my entry in my own domain, but the domain is bound to google

Thanks to u n all the other contributors… Its really cool man

Thank a lot for the grear Google Assistant integration! It works great with all my devices. I am looking forward to custom actions to use my own phrases to control everything. At the moment I use ittt to be able to use my own commands.
Keep on this grear work!

Working great here.

But saying “Switch on” the Gate feels weird. Any plans to add “open” to the commands ?

It is just awesome. Thank you.

But can I somehow disable google voice feedback? It is annoying to get loud feedback for just switching the lights on.

Looking to take the home automation plunge. I’m about to graduate from turning a few lights on and off to adding a lot more intelligence to house the things in our house behave. I’ve been taking baby steps with Sonoff (factory firmware only) and TP-Link gear, Nest Thermostats (with the new remote temperature sensors), Blossom irrigation controller, etc. All able to be controlled via Google Assistant.

Our setup takes advantage of the multi-user features of Google Assistant on Google Home and Mini. I found getting some of the smart switches to work with this somewhat less than straightforward.

@MARZIMA - Does the openHAB Google Assistant integration support a multi-user setup? In other words, can I associate more than one Google account with the openHAB Cloud Connector and Google Assistant action?



Yes you can, me and my wife are set up that way.

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@ranielsen Rob - thanks for your prompt response and proper multi-user functionality confirmation.

Since you didn’t mention, I assume it was as straightforward as that - link your Google accounts to the cloud connector and Google Home responds to each of you correctly. Yes?

I ask because the ITead Sonoff eWeLink required some machinations to get set up and work properly in multi-user mode. I just wanted to make sure I’d retain all Google Assistant multi-user capability if I switch to openHAB with a custom Sonoff firmware (e.g., TASMOTA).

Correct, for each account in the Google Home app, go to Home Control, press the + button and select openHAB and log in with your openHAB credentials. Once linked, just say “OK Google, Sync my devices”.

Perfect! That’s the way all my other devices have worked. I was gun shy after my Sonoff woes.

@ranielsen Rob - Help!

I’ve got to bother you further. I’m trying to go through the setup, but some things are a bit unclear. I apologize in advance for the long question(s)!

I got through the portions on creating a GCP project and enabling the API. Followed procedure step-by-step. I set up a Node.js development environment. I’ve gotten through installing gactions and giving it execute rights.

I’m at the openHAB setup step where it says to edit the functions\config.js. What does “your openhab cloud instance” mean for the ‘host’ parameter I’m supposed to update. I thought my cloud connector was ‘’ (i.e., pretty static) where the access is given based on using my openHAB Cloud Connector credentials.

Now to the authentication and linking. To set this up, I created a GCP project under my Google ID. At some point in the Node.js setup process, there’s a step that goes through the Google Cloud SDK authentication. The procedure provides a long URL that returns a verification code which I was to paste into one of the steps. Then, there’s another authentication step for the Google Cloud Library for Node.js. The result of this authentication procedure is to generate a JSON file with the Oauth keys. I didn’t perform this step because it was not clear to me what these service account(s) are for and whether I need one for each person I need to set up to have Assistant linking to openHAB. So, there’s lots of “credentials” in even setting up the first instance… and I don’t understand them all. But then my question is, do I need to go through the credentials creation, i.e., the full GCP quickstart even creating a separate project for each user? And, then getting back to the config.js ‘host’, since the Cloud Connector requires authentication, and you add users to be able to access it, is that set of credentials also part of this Connector to Assistant linking? Somehow I think I’m making all of this all way to complicated. I’m afraid the setup documentation ends up taking you to a GCP setup, which takes you to a gactions setup which takes you to a Node.js setup, which takes you to an authentication setup, … I’ve got a stack overflow in winding through all of these procedures!

Again, since you’ve successfully navigated this, any pointers you can provide or any more detailed instructions you can point me to is greatly appreciated!



@meingraham, sorry but I use the official one, not one I set up myself.

I am trying to do that too… and following the setup procedure documented. What procedure did you use?

The guide you followed is mainly for developers who want to test or implement new features before they are officially published, or for people who want an installation which doesn’t rely on the servers.

If you’re the “standard” user profile, ie have a local openhab installation linked to a cloud account with, then use this link: Google Home & openHAB connection How-To, or follow the procedure from the first post of this thread (Official Google Assistant Integration for openHAB)

If you are more a techy guy who wants to contribute and test/implement new features in openhab that are not yet released, then you can follow this guide here :

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@gael.grasset @ranielsen OMG! Did I go down a rabbit hole. I made the mistake of going to the top of that github readme and trying to follow that.

Gaël - Thanks for pulling me out. It works like all the other Google Assistant services… AND COULD NOT BE ANY SIMPLER! Again, thanks!