Open Meteo weather forecast

I have just published the initial release of my Open Meteo binding on the marketplace.
It currently provides the daily and hourly forecast as a time series by default but you can activate “split channels” like what was used to be done before OH 4.1

The Readme will give you a detailed list of all the available channels.

This discussion is here to allow for feedback and suggestions.

Next steps will be (in no particular order):

  • implement discovery to add a weather forecast for the globally set location
  • implement the 15 -Minutely weather forecast
  • implement air quality forecast
  • implement marine forecast
  • allow specifying the model(s) to be used for forecasts.

Unless a very detailed reason is given, new forecasts will only be available as time series.

I do have one question regarding the 15-Minutely forecast:
Its values are retrievable with the same API call that currently gives the hourly and daily forecast. Instinctively, I would add this as (yet) another channel group on the existing forecast thing. Would that be acceptable?
It limits the number of calls to the API as creating another thing just for it would double the number of calls to the API and thus count towards the daily limit for free usage.

The question does not apply air quality and marine as they both require a different API call.

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Version 0.1.0 is out with a current weather channel group, a 15 minutely weather forecast channel group
and a discovery service that auto creates a forecast thing for the system location.

Following recommendations for clarity in the MainUI, the channels are now suffixed with the name of the channel group they belong to.

Hello @obones,

thanks for this binding - but I have problems to use it.

I don’t have a Open Meteo subscription and want to use the free API. I successfully installed the “Open Meteo Bridge” thing and the automatic discovery found my location data and I’ve created the “OpenMeteo weather forecast” thing out of this discovery. Both are showing “online” status.
As a first test, I’ve tried to create items for the channels “UV index (Daily)” and “Cloudiness (Hourly)” but both are showing NULL as values and gets never updated. This does not change (I’ve double checked 1 day later after installation). I’ve just re-installed everything, but it’s the same behavior.

Do I need to do something else?

The logfile shows only the successful discovery in a single line, no warnings, no errors (with default logging options):

2024-05-13 07:18:11.644 [INFO ] [g.discovery.internal.PersistentInbox] - Added new thing ‘openmeteo:forecast:32a5baf861:system’ to inbox.

Thanks in advance,

Have you applied the “forecast” strategy to your items, as described here?

Without it, the timeseries items are never accessible.

Also, please note that if you apply a strategy to some items, the “default strategy” will no longer apply and you’ll need to create a “catch all” strategy yourself, as discussed here

Thanks a lot for your help!

At the beginning I didn’t understand to exact steps how to configure the strategy for the forecast channels. Now it works, at least for the Cloudiness (Hourly). The current cloudiness factor is shown as the item value and the Analyze will show the diagram for the future.

For the UV Index (Daily) I still get NULL as the current value for the item. However, if I choose Analyze I can see today’s and future UV data as a graph. Shouldn’t the current UV index from today also be displayed as the current value of the item, just like it is with cloud cover?

I believe daily forecast items see their value updated once a day. At least that’s what I saw during development after having let my development instance run overnight.

Ok, I think I just should wait a day longer and will see if the current item value will have changed tomorror (or during today).

Thanks for your help and this binding!

Ok, after waiting a while the value of the UV index item changed from NULL to the current (daily) value!

It works great! Thanks!