Openhab 2 losing cloud connection

Also here.

My Openhab Cloud connector and also the myopenhab website says “online”. But there is no connection between Openhab and Cloud. Error 504 Gatway Time-Out.

Access from to my Openhab server and IOS App is not working.
Local is all working fine.

UPDATE: Sometimes for a view minutes or second the connection seems working, because on my side he update the “event logs” and the Items Status on the MyOpenHab Homepage. But if I try to use the linke “Click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard” I get again the Error: 502 Bad Gateway or 504 Gateway Time-out!

And also via App the Error Message Bad Gateway or Time out

Same on my side: 504 Gateway-Timeout when accessing

Same here:

Socket.IO error: io.socket.engineio.client.EngineIOException: websocket error

I think it’s clear that this is a problem on the side of - however, we’re all here just complaining that it’s not working (and with the large number proving it’s not our local installation) but I have no idea who is maintaining the site and whom we should actually let know about it (as those guy(s) might not yet have realized it).

Does anybody know who maintains the site and could ping them?

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Same problem here @Kai Kreuzer :slight_smile:

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Ah - of course one could have mentioned @Kai Kreuzer :wink:

In DEBUG I also get this

14:42:58.528 [DEBUG] [.io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - No connection, Item update is not sent

On my site it’s looks like that for the moment is working again…

it seems that it’s working now

Agree… it’s working again.

Strange, it was not responding for like 5-10 minutes for me, and then it was back again. Looks like it was gone a lot longer for everyone else? And this time my openhab installation connected just fine again. The problem I had was it saying it had connected, while not being connected.

Now it works. Thanks to the one who fixed it :grin:

It’s working here again as well… Alexa finds the light :slight_smile:

Thanks for fixing the issue :slight_smile: It’s working

Yet it would be nice to know what happened… hopefully it’s not gonna happen again. I hope that the Hue Emulation is soon gonna work with the 2nd generation Echo so that there’s no need for me to rely on the cloud, as this is exactly one of the reasons why I prefer OpenHAB locally over Somfy and other cloud based solutions.

But thanks a lot to whoever fixed it :slight_smile:

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worked for me as well approx 3 hours ago, yet now it is back to not working. according to log i was disconnected for 10 minutes and should be connected now.

also i usually get a push notice when the service is on/offline yet those do not come in since yesterday

I didn’t seem to get one of these notifications either…

Is there an openhab rule ‘when’ condition that can be used to detect when the connection to myopenhab is lost? (ie, a rule that can be triggered when “[io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Disconnected from the openHAB Cloud service” message is logged.

I would intend the ‘then’ action to use sendmail to notify of the problem (this assumes of course, that the internet connection is still available to the local openHAB server, and that the disconnection to the openHAB cloud service is due to a problem with the cloud service, and not the local internet connection)

Similarly, an email rule when the connection is restored could be useful as a backup, particularly given there are no SLA’s for availability of the cloud service.

I think you can do that using the Logreader binding.


@digitaldan and @MARZIMA are the guys that voluntarily take care of the server in their very limited time. We have an automatic monitoring in place, so notifications are (usually) sent if something isn’t working. Afaik, the server is under quite some heavy load by now due to the number of users and being based on Node.js it isn’t easy to scale it up by throwing hardware at it. So the issue should be solved by improving the code and architecture. I’d like to remind everyone that is merely a “reference instance” of the code at, which is available and maintained by the community - so everyone (especially every Node.js expert!) is cordially invited to help making the code better and especially better scalable!


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Hello @Kai,

thanks for the extensive information. Indeed I’d be the happiest to host an instance of the cloud service for my purposes on my own system, but as far as I read this isn’t as easy to accomplish as, e.g., setting up OpenHAB itself (ideally it would be a tar.gz to unpack and start :slight_smile:).

I’m not into Node.js, so unfortunately I’m not of a big help in coding or improving it, but I of course appreciate the voluntary work of @digitaldan and @MARZIMA and of course my post wasn’t at all intended to pressure them, but since the automatic monitoring said “all is okay” it was likely they didn’t even notice it not working properly.

Thanks again for the info and insights.