openHAB 3.4 Milestone Builds

Dear all,

With some slight delay, I am happy to announce that we have just reached the first milestone build of the next openHAB release 3.4!

You can find the release notes of openHAB 3.4.0.M1 on GitHub and a new discussion thread here to discuss any issues or questions that you have with regards to this release.

We will continue to provide milestone builds roughly on a monthly basis just as usual.

Best regards,


New month, new milestone - here comes openHAB 3.4.0 Milestone 2!

With it, we have set a new record: We have reached 400 add-ons that support more than 3000 thing types!

Please check out the release notes on Github and use the 3.4 Milestone discussion thread for any questions about this milestone release.