openHAB 4.0 Release discussion

Did you open then save them like the release notes says to do? The get state of Item should have been fixed automatically by doing that

Nashorn JS did a lot of non-standard “magic” when it can to additions and comparisons where are not possible not desirable in GraalJS. As a result "11" + "22" was auto converted from a String concatenation to a numeric operation. In OH 4, that doesn’t occur. You need to use Numbers to do math. The “get [name] of item” block includes:

  • state: String representation of the Item’s State
  • numeric state: Item’s State as a Number, no units
  • quantity state: Item’s State as a Number with units

The context block has also been updated in 4.0.1 to have numeric and quantity for the Item state and command implicit variables.

To do math, you should use the numeric or quantity states. If you use the quantity states, use the blocks from the quantity menu, not the mathe menu.

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In which language are your app settings?

My phone is setup to German. Also the openHAB-App settings are shown in German. Up to my upgrade to openHAB 4.0(.1), it was ok. But I had this effect today afternoon also on my computer, while working at the Unit-Settings of my battery status items (see above). Suddenly the device tab and the property tab switched to English and the translations are gone. Now I clean the browser cache, reload and everything is in German.


Safari (macOS Ventura 13.5):

For your information…I ahve a cpu load about 40% and I am on latest openhabian and have only file based rules, items,things and so on.

Good morning,

the transition to the new 4.0.1 worked well, now cleaning up some things (DPT for KNX, binding not working out of the box - e.g. MyBMW). Thank you very much for the new version!

I have a issue with Metrics regarding CO2 sensor and homekit. Bug oder misconfiguration?

07:09:06.206 [WARN ] [essories.HomekitCharacteristicFactory] - Wrong value type 970.24 ppm (QuantityType) for CarbonDioxideSensor characteristic of the item CO2_DG_Studio. Expected StringItem, NumberItem, or SwitchItem.


Number:Dimensionless CO2_DG_Studio “DG Studio CO2 [%.0f ppm]” (gDG_Studio_Sensor) [“Measurement”, “CarbonDioxideSensor”,“CO2”,“Point”] { unit=“ppm”, channel=“knx:device:bridge:1_0_151_aqs:CO2_DG_Studio”, alexa=“RangeController.rangeValue” [friendlyNames=“Wert”, supportedRange=“300:5000:1”, nonControllable=true], homekit=“CarbonDioxideSensor,CarbonDioxideSensor.CarbonDioxideLevel”}

Thing (Elsner KNX AQS/TH-UP gl Sensor für CO2, Temperatur, Feuchte):

Type number : CO2_DG_Studio “CO2 Dachgeschoss Studio [%.0f ppm]” [ ga=“9.008:<3/6/50” ]

Do you have any suggestions?


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Anyone about to upgrade, make sure you check the upgrade process section of the Release Notes BEFORE you upgrade.

Also check out the FAQ on OH4 upgrade issues @laursen has compiled for your convenience.

Thank you.


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Try removing the double quotes from the <"shieldGreen">. I.e., use <shieldGreen>. That’s setting the icon. Maybe that’s the issue.

Hello I see a next issue…

I have 2 additional addons in the addon folder but they are not loading…

I use the tempest and smart weathercalculation addon here from the community

The community bindings will only load if they are compatible with OH4. Did you check that?

Try removing them from addons folder, and then add them again. I think there is an issue in OH folder watcher where it does not always detect new files in addons…

That is the solution…should I open a GitHub issue?

@mstormi what was now the issue to asking this here in this thread?

Yes if you expect a fix.
In this repo:

One week with OH4,

many thanks for the plenty of work done!

The new input item is coming greatly ( sending text to home-speakes from elsewhere). A small inconsistency remains. While using it on a sitemap file: After a change of the input field it is set if another control gets select when using it in a browser, when using it from.within the android app the input field needs to left via an Enter on the the keyboard.

Not clear at all, even if I understand that it s a conflict problem between Basic UI and the Android app ?
@Mherwege : maybe you understand better than me ?

Hi to the openhab core developers - just wanted to say great job on the 4.0 release. When I moved from OH 2 → 3, I had what felt like hell on earth due to many thousands of lines of rules needing checking and correcting because of subtle differences in behaviours. With OH4 it was only 5 hours which is primarily my fault as I had to rebuild some bindings I had made for myself with I have not had time to prep for release. The move from 2 → 3 was at least 2 weeks with many hours a day. So great great job!!! On the release - it couldn’t have been a smoother transistion! :+1:

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I just stumbled across this:

Did the event triggers change from 3 to 4? I am using Jython (yes, I know…), all other Jython programs are working but this line is not catching the events.

            self.triggers = [GenericEventTrigger("openhab/items/", "ItemStateChangedEvent", "openhab/items/*", "").trigger]

Found a new issue I can’t change the username for the tr064 binding the default is coming back all time…

See here Bildschirmaufzeichnung vom 2023-08-03, 07-26-51 -