openHAB 4.1 Milestone Builds

Hi all,

After the openHAB 4.0 release in July, the development continued with a huge pace, so that we are happy to announce the availability of the first milestone of openHAB 4.1. Please check out the release notes on GitHub. Especially the UIs have seen quite some improvements, but also the core and many add-ons.

We will continue releasing monthly milestone builds for openHAB 4.1, so if you prefer to have the latest+greatest version running, this is what you should go for!

Please use this thread for any questions, discussions and remarks with regards to the milestone builds. Thanks!


We are happy to announce our Milestone 2 build - please see the extensive release notes on GitHub.

As usual, please go to this thread for any related discussions - thanks!


The next milestone is reached: Here comes openHAB 4.1.0 Milestone 3! You can find the release notes as usual on GitHub.

Please use the milestone discussion thread for any questions and comments. Thanks!


Hi all,

We have just published the next milestone, openHAB 4.1.0 Milestone 4 - see the release notes on GitHub.

I’d like to take the chance to also inform you about our release plan for openHAB 4.1 - as usual, we plan to do the final release before christmas:

  • Dec 17: 4.1.0.M5 - feature freeze
  • Dec 20: 4.1.0.RC1 - code freeze
  • Dec 22: 4.1.0 GA

Let us together make this happen! :slight_smile:


As planned, we have reached feature freeze today and published openHAB 4.1.0 Milestone 5 with it.
The release notes are quite extensive, considering that merely 2 weeks have passed since milestone 4 - it shows that a lot of effort was put into getting many further features into the release. One to maybe mention specifically is the possibility to scan the network and suggest add-ons to install; this should help newbies to get started more easily with openHAB.

Please help us to intensely test this milestone - we want to make sure that no critical bugs are in it, so let’s fix what is necessary until the code freeze on Wednesday!


With one day delay, here’s the RC1 for openHAB 4.1: Release openHAB 4.1.0 Release Candidate 1 · openhab/openhab-distro · GitHub

Please check if you find any critical issues with it and let us use this discussion thread for feedback.


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