Ring Alarm Components - Zwave

Thank you, Bob.
I will do my best to figure the process out :slight_smile:

I have created the two new devices from the XML (Gen2 Motion and Gen2 Window/Door).
As far as I can see mine are a little newer than the existing ones:
Reference type:

0301:0401 instead of 0301:0301 (Motion)
0201:0401 instead of 0201:0301 (door/window)

I requested this to be reviewed and hope that it’s ok.

I’ll leave to @chris for the formal review, but to my eye I see no difference in the parameters (actually some appear missing for the Window/Door) or association classes or channels between what you added and what was existing for Gen2. All you had to do was

to the existing devices.


Yes, but because that was my first time, I did it the recommended way (according to the docs) and added the xml file.

The Docs also have this snippet…

If you have a different version of a device in the database, before adding another entry to the database, check that the association group configuration, parameters, and channels are the same. If they are, then it is only needed to update the device IDs of the existing device.

Anyway I’m sure it will get sorted.


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Fair enough.
Maybe I was just too anxious to damage something. :rofl:
Again, thanks for your help, Bob.

I had a look at these entries this morning. If they are the same as the old device, then you should add the Type/Id to the existing device. If they are new devices (ie different to the old device) then the new entries you’ve made need to have the associations and config parameters adding.

Thanks, Chris.
I just added the Type / Reference to the existing ones (both Motion and Contact), because mine are Gen 2 and are promoted as Gen2 sensors as well (just newer obviously).
Let’s keep fingers crossed that I don’t mess something up :wink:

I wouldn’t say “obviously”… Manufacturers sometimes use different types/ids to represent minor changes to the product - eg different regions is a common one. Less common (but I’ve seen it) is different colours…

Who knows - anyway, let’s give it a go :slight_smile:

Do I assume that the other entries you made in the database can be “removed” (I’ll mark them as deleted and we can undelete them if needed)?

Fair enough :wink:
At least they look the same and are promoted by Amazon by the same name.
So at least they are compatible to the original ring GEN 2 stuff.

Yes, please!
Thank you very much for your quick support, Chris.