Scene Control Suite - Scene Activation


This rule is one part of a bundle designed to allow the creation, configuration, and activation of scenes using the MainUI. The three parts are:

To use this rule simply install the template and create a new rule. Configure the rule to use the scene controller proxy item for the scene you want to activate (see below) and change the trigger to your preferred method of activating the scene (for example, button push, time of day, or in conjunction with Alarm clock rule).


  • Nashorn JavaScript ECMAScript 5.1


  • This rule requires the creation of a Switch type proxy item.
    • The item must have the non-semantic tag Scene Controller
    • The item must have configurations in the ActiveItems metadata namespace (this can be configured using the widget (see above)


Version 0.2

  • Rule trigger configuration added

Version 0.1

  • initial release



@rlkoshak - There seems to be some issue with the Rules Template category. There are tag requirements that I cannot satisfy for some reason. Every valid tag I type (alpha, ui, automation, published) into the search box comes up with no matches and no ability to create. I tried changing it to bundles here to see if I could at least submit that and then change it over, but I run into the same tag issue trying to edit the category. Can your moderator mojo overcome this?

FWIW: The issue only seems to exist with the Rule Template sub category.

When I first looked it had “automation” and “alpha” as a tag. I opened it and added “published” and the “automation” disappeared.

I think the only tags allowed are “published”, “alpha”, “beta”, and “stable”. The ones listed in the template.

The rule won’t appear in your UI until it has “published” as a tag.

I’ve added “published” but can remove it if you are not ready to test that.

As a moderator what I can do and see may be different from what you can see. But only as a moderator I’m limited in what I can fix. @ysc, are we supposed to be able to apply our own tags? I noticed this problem the other day when I wanted to use a “WIP” tag.

I couldn’t even add those.

I added automation because I kept also getting an error that said something to the effect of “You must have at least on markeplace related tag: ui, persistence, automation…etc”. I thought this weird too since none of the other published rules have these tags.

I ran into the problem both on Brave and Chrome (not a great test as Brave is chromium-based).

There was a misconfiguration on the required tags in the Rule Templates & UI Widgets categories. You don’t need to add any “type” tag for those categories, these are for identifying bundles, but you should add a maturity level tag (one of “alpha”, “beta”, “stable”, “mature”) and eventually the “published” tag. No other tags are allowed.

By the way, there’s a new way of preventing your logo from appearing twice in the UI, since it already appears in the page header. It’s kind of undocumented at the moment, but updates to the post templates will mention it (we’re in the process of making some contributing rules to the marketplace): if you use logo as the alt text for your image it won’t be displayed in the description, so you’ll want to do that in case it’s just an illustration as it’s cleaner that way:



I updated this post accordingly.

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I saw you make that update to my post and have use logo for the two new templates I posted today.

But I’m actually seeing the opposite behavior. Maybe because I’m not on the snapshots?

Yes that would be it. The final look is a result of 2 recent PRs:

Apologies for being bold and editing your posts but eventually the 2nd screenshot in my previous post will be what users will eventually see anyway so better adjust them now.

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